Friday, 16 July 2010

I Have A Present For You...

My wireless adapter arrived todae so YEY I now have internets on my new compizzle.

Consequently I was able to do some things my olde crapass computer wouldn't allow- like uploading Ginger!

Get her HERE

Skin by Aikea Guinea- default/non-default

Eyebrows by Subaxi (number 2... but I can't find them on the website)

Eyeliner from Mod the Sims

Face freckles by Lady Frontbum

Body freckles by One Billion Pixels

Earrings by Astray Sims

And hey, as a special bonus, guess who I also got uploaded?

Avast me hearties! Get Captain Fury HERE

Hair by Savio

Skin by Aikea Guinea: default, non-default

Eyeliner by Subaxi

Lipgloss by Kittehbomb

Pirate hat from

Eyepatch ditto

Outfit by Stella Sims

Boots and tights will transfer



  1. Yay! Ginger is so cute. You also can't go wrong with pirate Fury ;D

  2. Giggity! I love captain Fury!