Sunday, 4 July 2010

The MFL Factor

Ah... Remember last time when I jokingly said that I hoped that Ben wouldn't ditch Ginger at the altar? Well... I think you can guess what happened.

But fear not! Everything looks so much brighter when you're nekked, and after a little bit of time to be, well, less grumpy, Ben finally complied and he and the Ginge were married.

Considering I'd spent so long just trying to get the couple together in the first place, I figured it was best to get a speedy jump on the whole having kids thing.

In no time at all Ginger was suitably knocked up.

And lo and behold a baby appeared! Tis a little girl called Autumn.

Several days of Sim time later and another bump showed up.

And it produced a boy called Winter.

YES! Finally I get to try out the cutey cute new (now olde) toddler/kid interactions.

So... guess which numpty went and got herself electrocuted?

Aye, Wriggle Kitteh played with the powercords and got a little shock. OH OH but it doesn't end there! Readers of my legacy should be able to guess what's coming next...




Casual Grimmeh, why must you mock me so?!

Oh, I'm sick of fighting your sinister good looks. Go on then Casual Grimmeh, you can stay for a bit- Autumn needs a babysitter until Ben gets home from work anyways.

But we'll end on a happy note though with a cute shot of Winter.

...Let's not tell him his mom's dead just yet hmm?

Story Progression shizzle:
  • Apparently ma new Simmieself has been getting some servicing from everyone's favourite manwhore Wolfie.... Oh dear.
  • Bitten is a grandma. Ha! You're olde.
  • Randy is also a grandmother, though her son is a massive shitbag and is refusing to pay child support :o
  • Simmersaurus Sexy Rexy recently had a baby girl, who the game named Willow.

End. Mourn now.


  1. Aww the kids are cute! Can I download them when they're older? Please?!

    Ben is gazing lovingly at. . .yeah.

    Question:Why do all your mothers end up dying, leaving, being horrible, or dissapearing?

  2. Wait... i had a son?! You never told me that >_>
    You said i had a daughter, but never told me about a SECOND sprog :O
    And is it bad, that i find him being a "massive shitbag" amusing...? >_<

  3. Oh yah, and the kiddlie widdlies are coot ^_^

  4. I don't know Westie! D: I think I'm cursed... or I just leave freewill on and, yanno, these things happen. I forget how many Sims I lost in my legacy to object repair... It's not good :P

    And I shall see about uploading the kiddies when they're growed up, if they're cute that is ;)

    And yuh Randy. After you had your daughter I used Super Computer to invite her over, and lo and behold there was another Sprit in the list. You have two children by two different men, you ho! >_<

  5. XD spelling fail for you =P Hahahahahaha! *cough* I be mature now, i promise...

    and my simself always ends up a ho.... or a spinster >_< there's never a middle ground!

  6. Eh, what spelling fail? Was it one of my intentional ones...? -_-

    And yuh, your Simmieself is actually a spinster slash ho in my game. Kids everywhere(ish) and I think you died alone ;)

  7. You missed an "I" outta my name, you gae =P

    and i DIED? But... but... i am invincibibble :(

  8. I knew that was going to come, everything was almost happy for your sims xD

  9. lol. Thank you.

    I doubt they'll be ugly.

  10. Ohmygodfathers, I had to re-read what I wrote like five times before I knew what you were on about. Gawd, it's like the W(r)iggle Kitteh incident.

    I think you died... maybe you're just on your way out- I'll check. Either way you're alone ;)
    Just you and your bastard son!

  11. Wait, what happened to Chri...mawhatsherface? The one i wanted to name Yoda, but you wouldn't let me *sulk*

    and don't worry about the "Sprit" XD Jess spelled my name "RandomSpirt" earlier... my mind misbehaved with that one >_<

  12. Endor is around, somewhere. Story Progression hasn't really told me anything about her thus far >_>

    Hmph! I haff a reply from you but when I open the email it's blank :( Mean hotmail lying to me! Not so hot are ya...

  13. Well i sends you a new one then =P
    Well... not really. Just a copy of the one in my "sent folder" XD

  14. Autumn and Winter are so cuuute! I almost died seeing all the cuteness. Please bring Ginger back! We all luffs her.

  15. How is Rexeh going to edit photos if she keeps popping out bebbes?!?

  16. The kids are so cute!
    Shameless Wolfie...good thing there's no STDs in the game 0_0

  17. I've come a little late to the party (and uninvited . . .) but casual grimmeh made me laugh so much I had to comment. I had to check twice on the pic but on first glance he looks like he is weilding a baseball bat in place of his sythe!

    Nice names also - Autumn and Winter - they suit them.

  18. Casual Grimmeh is evil! He always rocks up to my house and steals my Simmies and mocks me with his can't-be-arsed clothes >: |

    He does look like he's got a baseball bat :P It would suit his attire ;)