Sunday, 18 July 2010

Good News Slash Bad News Slash Medium News

Okay, let's start with the bad news...

The Stanford Prison Experiment is no more :(

I've tried and I've tried, and the problem is unfixable. Y'see, ever since I patched a while ago the prison household has become kind of inaccessible. Because there were like eleven Sims in a household I had to use a mod to make it work, but having to take out that mod and put it back in again meant the coding to allow more than eight Sims per household was gone for a while, which fucked things up rather.

When I load the game there are no thumbnails at all, meaning I can't control any of the Sims, and when I try to split or evict the household the game shuts down. I thought if I tried it on my new compizzle it might be okay, but now instead of shutting down the game just 'processes' FOREVAR. I don't have a finished copy of the prison saved, so there's no way to fix things (and I'm not about to build it all over again).

So yes, it's buggered. It's very sad.

Ah! But now on to the good news. As a way of helping you all through this terrible time I've finally pulled my finger out regarding a certain story.

Yes, there is indeed a new chapter of Escape to Riverview.
Hopefully I can get back on track with this now :)

Part Ten: Transitions



And finally the medium news. Well, actually I think it's rather great news, but whether you do or not depends if you're a legacy fan...

I think it's becoming pretty clear that apparently I just can't stay away from legacies. It's kind of impossible for me to play my game without taking pictures and writing about it... therefore...

The Unlegacy, is no more.

Say hello to the founder of my upcoming new legacy...

Ah-ha ah-ha, Winter's movin' on up.

I learnt last time that, well, I don't like the legacy 'rules', so I'm not going to be following them. To be honest I failed massively at obeying them last time (*cough* every spouse from generation 4 onwards was a pre-made*) so this time they're out. Ha! Screw you rules.

Winter will be getting a surname change so I need to think of one for him- suggestions are always welcome.
Edit- I has made a decision, the surname will be Heart (prepare yourselves for lots of puns).

Also, I'm planning to litter my legacy town with pre-mades so if there's anyone you want shoved in there I'll do my best. Bear in mind though that I don't like downloading anything from The Exchange at all, so MediaFire is the way to go for me.

So yeah. That's what's going on atm. Look out for my new legacy starting... whenever I get around to it.

Buhbye for now! xoxo


  1. Make the last name 'Solstice'

  2. How about for a last name.... Doctor. ;)

    schoolgirl930a LiveJournal. :)

  3. i have no reason why but i think that the last name Crass would be good. "Winter Crass" i like that. ooh ooh!! can you put this simmie into your town?

    the second simmie i did, she is spesh!! see ya xx lilmiss

  4. Hm, for last

    Winter Cross? Not the best.
    Winter Davidson? Too common.
    Winter Johansen? Er...not bad.
    Winter Claythorne? Sounds too girly, but it might work.
    Winter Clawthorne? Erm...dunno.

    Anywho, those are my suggestions. I would suggest a Sim, but my game's (plus my Mac) is being stoopid and the hairstyles won't show up in my game. Ah well. Might switch to my PC soon, but it's not a laptop and last time I tried installing it there it didn't work. Would you mind if I gave you the Sim (with all clothing CC and such) and gave you the link to the hair separately?

  5. Burn

    Comes from a book with pink clouds and candy that makes you fly. Seriously not kidding it was a good book.

    Name some kiddies Azure and Leven for me!

    Miles would be nice for the ladies :D

    Bunches of simselves. . .>:D

  6. Don't worry West, Miles and Tempura will be making a naice trip over to Legacy Land ;)

  7. Gah that sucks about the prison experient buh a new legacy is greatt news and the fact u updated ecsape to riveveiw is EVEN BETTER!!
    Luff the idea's and yes the up dating of iver view has helped e greatly through this horrid horrif time ;)

  8. Could you put this in your town please:
    Basically, anything from here:

    All sims except simselfs. :)

  9. Sorry about your prison experiment. But i'm excited for your new legacy. Love the choice of surname btw.

  10. I'm randomly excited about the new legacy. =^.^= I've really like the members of the unlegacy and to see them move into permanent-legacy is exciting.

    I have a couple of sims that would be lovely in your neighborhood. They are just taking forever to upload. *sniffle*

  11. Is the new legacy gonna have a special blog, like the Mars family legacy? Or is it just gonna be on FuryRed Says?-Upp4

  12. Ohmygod! WOOPWOOP, NEW LEGACY! If you would like to populate you could use her:


    I has a question though-
    Will Winter's siblings be involved or nope?

  13. Woops
    Alexis is Suppose to be Erin-

  14. If I ever make time to figure out how to upload people, then I will upload some of mine. My two best ones are Kenya Lorring, and somebody named something like Bridgit . . . somethingorother!


  15. Mezza givings up. How do yo uplode simmies? <:(


  16. Awwww...that sucks Fury, but at least it's giving you room to do a couple other things as well!

  17. Winter's siblings will indeed be involved ;)

    I've set up the new neighbourhood and so far we have Winter, Autumn and her husband Zach, plus Miles and his son Tempura. AND as a special treat for followers of the Mars legacy- Allune and Alexis are there too, in YA form :)

    I've been playing for the last few hours actually, so the first chapter may be up sooner than I thought :P

    And to anyone wanting to know how to upload Sims to MediaFire, all you need to upload is Sim file found in My Documents> EA etc.> Saved Sims :)

  18. Ooh, thanks Fury! Maybe MediaFire will be a little more helpful than the Exchange, perhaps I'll use that way instead of resorting to...erm...more complicated methods. Hopefully I'll have my favorite Sims uploaded to MediaFire by tomorrow. Thanks again!

  19. Yay new legacy! =D
    I was thinking about doing one and just have my family marry into other peep's simselves, but I figured that's been done and my computer will explode.
    ANYWAY! Glad to hear you're back in the game, now I'll have something to read again. :]

  20. I was about to say "YAY" when you said no more unlegacy, but now it's a legacy? Don't get me wrong I like it but it's dragged on too long. The Doctor one is nice.

  21. Yey!! the new news rocks (except the stanfored prison experiment) i have a simmie to upload for u in 1 min she is the founder of my legacy and she is very pretty and i hope you like her.

  22. Here she is! She has a non-custom hair because my Mac hates custom hairstyles, but my friend tested out the hairstyle I meant to try on her and it looks great!

    Rue Strong:

    Would you like the hairstyle's link to be given from PeggyZone or PaysitesMustBeDestroyed? I can do both, but for now it's just hairstyle number 355 on both sites, for adult females.

  23. fury can you help me out? whenever I play sims 3 it quits out after about 20 minutes. I have a mac, but I don't think that's the problem. I removed all my mods and I click the "play without cc" option but it still closes out. Any advice?

  24. Ok here is my loveley simmie
    I'll warn you now that she's insane.
    if you want to find out more about her then go to
    and chapter one

  25. If you are still looking for random sims, I have a pair available for download. ^.^ They are both pretty tame as far as custom content goes to be honest. ^.^" But I think they came out cute either which way:

  26. You can use Tori Chika My simself and MrGorgons simself, (dont worry, we share an account, he's my cousin)

  27. Hai there. :3 I'm going to get on of my sims up on Mediafire soonish. I have to pick on first... Hmm... So much to choose from...

  28. Too bad 'bout the Prison story, but i am super excited about unlegacy becoming a legacy! And a new chapter of escape to Riverview! Awesomeness! Okay, take mah simself.
    While you're at my page, please check out the first chapter of my legacy!
    PS. Im the one who told you about the hotness that is Sidney Crosby! If you remember who he is...
    PPS. Sorry the sim is on I have no idea how to use mediafire. Sorry!

  29. Hello again. I'm back with my new Mediafire'd Sim. Her name is Graia Peters. Here's the linkage:

    If you have any problems with her, please tell me. Thank you. This is my first Mediafire upload.

    And one custom content item that she absolutely needs is right here:

    I'm not sure if you have them or not, but better to be safe then sorry, right?

  30. Well, thanks Fury! I'll try that and hopefully I'll get some uploaded. Some of mine look kind of strange--they all have big eyes and some of them have other weird features because sometimes I like to give myself challenges, like make a pretty, but somewhat pig-nosed Simmie pretty, etc.
    I have three favourites and am currently ALMOST finished another pretty nice one.
    My Simmies have absolutely no CC whatsoever on them . . . partially because I don't have any . . . hehehe . . .