Tuesday, 13 July 2010

This Is How It Should Be


Yes yes, I'm stealng computer time again cause I just couldn't wait to show you all how pretty my game is now. Having to type this all up on a crapass compizzle on stoopid IE makes me cry a little inside >_> but I'll survive.

Wow... Ben was just made for high definition wasn't he?

So yeah, currently in the Jessee house Autumn here is somewhat the apple of my eye... or some other shitty Hallmark phrase.

She's such a cutie isn't she? But ah- competition is never far away...

*shifty eyes*

My game always has to have an illegitimate lovechild doesn't it?

And here is said spawn. I named him Tempura... I have no freaking clue why, I must have been a bit rushed on Dr Pepper that day or something.

Elsewhere in the Simmie world I suddenly remembered that I HAVE AMBITIONS NOW! Consequently the newly-teenage Winter here was sent out to the junkyard to, yanno, dig through the trash and stuffs.

Mmm... I kind of love him.

Winter's an aspiring inventor by day and a hacker by night.

:D I'm so loving the teeny bit of Ambitions I've explored thus far.

Now... bring on the Simbots.

And OHYEAH trampolines! Question though: is all they do just jump up and down? I've been anticipating like a flippy somersault or summat, but so far- nuffink.

Continuing the tradition of The Unlegacy, Ginger is a crapass mom- being more interested in her garden than anything else. Therefore most parental duties fall at the feet of big sis Autumn, though she doesn't seem to mind too much.

Ah-ha, but now big sis is even Bigger Sis- Fireman Sis! I've said the word 'sis' too much now haven't I? I think it's lost all meaning... though it wasn't a real word to begin with...

In summary, Autumn is now a Young Adult. Yey.

After Autumn had aged up I elected to let Ginge, Ben, and Tempura (seriously, what was I thinking?) move out. Following the command, Ben proceeded to grab Tempura (urgh) and just peg it for the doorway. It was a little bit creepish...


With his parentals all moved out, Winter had more freetime to spend with the ladies ;)

Isn't he just the business?!

And a funfact for you all- the girl here is actually Randy's grandaughter :O
Not only that though, she's also the grandaughter of Blaze FuryRed from ma legacy :O

Yep, Randy's crapass deadbeat son and Blaze's daughter did the hot stuff, and made olde Randomspirit a grandma. HA!

Now I must leave you all as I slink off back to my pimpin' computer. Peaces ;)


  1. holy moly that looks incredible!

  2. Oooh, shiny =D The awesome-o graphics be awesome! Are you still going "Ah, wow!!" at everything? Lol!

    You leave my crapass deadbeat son alone :P
    But amagawsh, Granddaughter (well... that was weird) is so cute ^_^ Weird though... that kid is related to both of us (sort of...) O_o
    She's so screwed XD

    And not that i'm complaing, cos he looks kinda cool with it XD but why does Winter have an eye-patch...?

  3. Oh my your graphics are stunning *gives evil eye to my computer*

  4. Winter's girlfriend looks like the woman sim of yours that wore the nurse outfit.. :p

    Nicey me jealousy!!!! :D

  5. Niiiiiiccccccceeeeee....... :D

  6. I remember when I got my new computer and everything was shiny and pretty too! I would just randomly zoom in a take pictures!

    Oh, and Winter completely rocks that eye patch.

  7. Your simmies will totally start doing tricks after they've had some practice time on the trampoline. It's not all boring jumping up and down. Watch out for tragic dismounts though. xD

  8. Oh nicey, nice, how about we trade cards for a while? LoL. I love the 2nd to last pic you can really see the quality, not to mention its just a sweet pic

  9. Miles+Ginger=Tempura?

    Winter is SEXEH!


  10. Fury random isn'tthe only grandma today,yes you are a grany and old!One of your new simselvs six kids hooked up with one of Eden's and Bronx's kids and had twins!Congrats grany!:D Oh winter is SEXY!!

  11. *Goes blind with the amazingness and jealousy*

  12. Just wanted to say, you really can't get out of writting legacies can you, ha ha! Look at this mate! It started out as Drew. Then Ava. Then the kids. Then.... yup, it's official, you got yourself a legacy!

  13. I welcome you to the world of awesum graphix.

  14. Autumn turned out STUNING!!!!!!! :)

  15. I want a new computer now :(

  16. grrrrrr...

  17. @Randy Giles: It's an eyepatch. Winter wears an eyepatch now. Eyepatches are cool.

    Ahem. I wanted to accessorise him y'see, and the nurses hat didn't work, neither did the hood or the pilots cap. The eyepatch just seemed to suit him ;)

    He's pretty ain't he? ^_^

    It'll be a lucky, lucky lady who ends up with him, and I have one in mind...

  18. (Yanno, i quite like the Randy Giles thing XD could be my new pseudonym... or however the fuck thats spelled >_<))

    Winter is indeed pretty =D and the eypatch weirdly suits him.

    Who you have in mind?! I wants to know :(

  19. Bahaha! It's a secret ;) Well, one person may have a little inkling, if she remembers a threat I made a while ago...

  20. @ Randomspizzle: You spelled it right. ;D
    @ Furylicious: Wait until you get texture fails. :( It looks like te worst graphics evar when ye get those.

  21. I spelled sumfink right..? :B yay! I be smarticle =D