Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Wahhh etc.

Hmph. Vidkid is banned. Bjjrockstar is busy being a douche and living it up on the forums. SimGuruPopTart is an apparent moron. I still can't access the new areas of the forum.

What to do...? Maybe an owl to cheer us up-

It helps a bit. Still pouting though.

Also, something I've just noticed. A 'Spot the Difference', if you will:

Ah, the sunglasses avatar; the face that launched a thousand twats.


  1. LOL...yeah...my hair looks like that when it gets wet and needs a new perm...

  2. My hair looks like that every morning xD
    But i prefer the "Frorly" now to "orly" so old school =P

  3. Ugh, I hate NikoBelic with a passion. He's a meanie-bo-beanie.