Saturday, 13 March 2010

Show Your Colours

May I present to you the latest in high-fashion Sim wear, the FuryRed Says t-shirts.

These awesome tops come courtesy of those lovely guys/gals over at the Mare's Nest, and you can download them here.

Now all I need is a 'FuryRed Says S.T.F.U.' tee in a Frankie Goes to Hollywood stylee ; )

P.s.- every time you spell my name separately as 'Fury Red' a kitten dies.
Please think of the kittens.

Love, Fury x


  1. no fairs! How u get a t-shirt? O_O

  2. lol! they look awesome ^.^ i want one of my blog now! haha!

  3. >.<" I want a shirt. Preferably one with a picture of your simself, with "Score!" As the quote.

    Did Fury get a haircut? It looks different.

    If that's the case, I hope you didn't go to Peggy's stylist.

  4. Aha true- Fury went to Raonjena Sims for some new hair. Tis nice ennit? : )

    We needs some 'Score!' t-shirts indeed : D

    vidkid I'm sure they'll get round to your blog in time. Tis so nice of the Mare's to do this though. And they changed my name in the title from 'Fury Red' to 'FuryRed', bless em : )

  5. HAy i LOVE these!! so i made this!!


  7. aww poor kittens

  8. Those darn kittens. They better come back when people learn their misdeeds.