Monday, 15 March 2010

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

Maintenance (meyn-tuh-nuh ns)

1. the act of maintaining.
2. care or upkeep, as of machinery or property.
3. means of upkeep, support, or subsistence; livelihood: to provide a comfortable maintenance.
4. EA's fancy word for an epic fag break in which the forums go to hell.

Sim FuryRed is crying inside. Look at her up there with her snazzy new dress and tiara, all ready to mingle. But sadly said mingling is to be put on hold, cause the fricking fracking forums are buggered once again.

EA's week of maintenance was, I assume, supposed to fix things- trouble is I wasn't having huge forum issues to begin with. And now there's this whole new magical-mystery area of the forums that no one can access. I could, for like ten minutes, but now they've disappeared again.

It's getting annoying- we're all lamenting the loss of the Supernatural Thread (orly?) and now I can't get to my legacy or Escape to Riverview threads either. Sucks bitch!

The main consequence of all this unnecessary dicking around is that the forums are somewhat dead atm. Even myself, a self-confessed forum addict, is notably absent. Can you blame me- what would I post on? Why start a new topic when it may only get moved to the deadzone anyways?

All I can say is thank fuck we set up these blogs in advance, or we'd really be screwed. They'll sate us for now, but just don't talk about the forums to Sim FuryRed, she's getting pretty pissy...

P.s.- I'm considering switching my skin to Peggy's one. Looks more realistic no? Thoughts/opinions>


  1. I made the transition to Peggy's skin yesterday =D Didn't realise how much i missed those rippling abs, and the fact that my sims now have cleavage XD

    What else could one want? 8D Lol!

  2. Dirty girl :p

    I wanna make the change, but I worry my little Escape to Riverview Sims may look all weird and different :o

    Will have to have a test run methinks ;)

  3. Yes, and what is ones point..?

    They may look different :/ but a test run sounds like a good idea =D

  4. Poor SimFury. :( I feel sorry for her.

  5. WOO! PEGGY SKINTONE! Welcome to the darkside.

  6. Aye Fury, can I get a link? I are too lazy to search through Peggy...Please and thank you:)