Monday, 21 June 2010


Ahhhh, we haven't had a nice picture of Drew looking all smexified for a while now have we?

Well, enjoy ;)

Now from sexiness onto cuteness as we witness Drew bonding with his pregnant son-in-law Apollo, who FYI Drew gets on with much better than his own son.

Chaos hates his dad... probably cause of that whole cheating thing :/

And just as I was hoping, boy/girl joy. Ah, but what of the genetics- what do we have here?

I couldn't take the suspense (and the boring baby stage) any longer, so I aged them up immediately.

Oh, erm. Despite the cutey cute baby boy in the front, I was somehow distracted by THE MASSIVE CHIN in the background.

Poor girl.

Names-wise I kept it unusual for the Ugworth kids- Malice and Misery (Misery seemed appropriate, what with the huge face of doom and all).

By this point it was getting pretty crowded in the Valentine/Jessee/Ugworth household, so the Ugworth fam moved out. It's sad to see them go I know, but we'll keep in touch.

Elsewhere in the house, Envy was up to her usual tricks...

Hey, do you ever have it where Sims faces just freeze sometimes for no apparent reason? It seems to happen in my game a lot.

It chills me.

P.S.H.E. lesson for ya kids- slutty slutty hobag + risky woohoo = pregnancy.
Write that down.

I decided to shove Envy out of the house at this point- gotta let the girl live her own life.

Ah, but at least some of my Sims still remain all sweet and innocent- here's Ginger having her first kissage ^_^

It was just in time too, as soon Ginger aged into a Young Adult.

Look at the beauty! I consider this experiment an eventual success after all.

Oh but the fun isn't over- the breeding must go on, and that's where you guys come in.

I need a hottie for Ginger. I may resort to making one or scouring the exchange, but in the meantime if you have anyone suitable offer 'em up.

Look at the Wriggle Kitteh- you know you want her to be happy.

Give her a soulmate.


  1. aww <333
    even with her vair large chin, misery is a cutie :D
    i also love gingers hair, hehe

  2. *Shyly raises hand*
    I might as well
    How about him? --->

    (DL and CC list:

    Just DL:

    *bolts away*

  3. Ahmagad Pringle I haven't seen you for yonks! Not since the days of the Supernatural Thread and smilie wars :P

    Ooh my he's smexy- thanks :D

  4. My entry. :)

    He's a bad boy with nice features.
    thumbs up!

    Pringle, you guy is nice looking. I'll be downloading him ;)

  5. Ginger needs a man? :o

    Well then, theres always Bob...My legacy thingy heir :3


  6. Oh I forgot to mention, only thing wrong with Zack, is his traits got all messed up '-_-
    I probably put the wrong one up or something...

  7. here he is the perfect man for ginger =D

  8. I think I have someone in mind, I just need to upload him somewhere first xD

  9. Does it have to be a dude? Cuase if not, I might have a nice girl for her to mate with :/ I suck at making dudes. I've been trying to upload her for a while and it still doesn't work x(

  10. For Ginge- yup, but in the future I might have a male 'heir' who I need a lady for :)

  11. I have a girlie for ginger, incase you want her to be bisexual and all.

    no cc except from the store.

  12. oh and here's a better pic of her face:

  13. OMG Ginger looks like my little sister, but gingerified. (who, like you, is named Laura!) I have lots of sims on my page for Ginger, but may i recommend Alec Redding? Link!:

    or maybe if you wants her to be into girls:

    but feel free if u don't want either of those peepz, but u like someone else, to take them. :)

  14. @Westie o.o He's... beautiful... WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD HIM?

  15. Working on it now ;) Thank you. He's insane ^_^ My game has been "sharing" him for over 10 hours. -_- I'll put him up soon

  16. Can't wait ;) How do people make such nice dudes? All mine look brain dead :(

  17. lol! Thank you. I basically think about their personality(yes, I give them actual lives), ethnicity, style.

    I made him as a debonair insane but still hot goth.

    Might change my entry to this. He has a really nice figure ;)

    The guy.His name is Miles. Girl, guess you could use her for a female spouse. But she's me. >.<

    Lysander Sheath:

    and he's available on mediafire:

    He's safe from all that "evil doll" thing going on in the exchange. So download away.

    Have fun ;)

  18. Westie, I'm quite taken by the looks of that Miles guy.... Do you have a link for him too? :D

    Ooh, and where is his hair from? I don't think I've seen it before.

  19. 8ksims mhair005 by tum tum simiolino. Everyday is Raon Male 24 converted (again tum tum, us ehis stuff all the time) all ages.

    :) I'll work on that link.

  20. Miles looks AWESOME! So far my favorites are Miles and Zack :3


    Miles Caspian :P

  22. Wow, Westi, thanks for the tips! And miles looks super hot :D I just had a random image of him in social bunny underwear that says "we go the extra mile."

    ...Yes, I know I'm weird. Furyred should pick him!

  23. well, he has a really nice behind.

    I need some bunny patterns for his behind now :O

  24. also this kinda sounds bad but i cant help it....:P where did you get the topless female mesh and the naked yum yum guy mesh? this is just between us lol