Thursday, 3 June 2010

Total Life Forever

I'm not dead, I've just been busy doing that thing called life.

So... I patched my game :o

After the last patch went okayish my patch-fear has lessened, plus I'd be patching for Ambitions anyways I figured I might as well. Thus far the verdict is as expected- I've got a few issues with some interactions not showing up, but I think if I clear out a bunch of my tuning mods it'll be All Good in the Hood.

Now, one of the main reasons I patched was because of the tattoos: I want 'em. I've only had a little fiddle thus far, but unfortunately my initial response has been kind of 'meh'.

See that- that's kind of cute, mebbe a little cartoony, but there's nuffink wrong with that.

And then there's this...

Who the fuck would have a plumbob tattooed on themselves?

But regardless; the default designs are whatev- what I'm really interested in is making my own. I need to look into it more really, but I'm just hoping someone awesome out there will do like a guide of how to make tattoos that are, well, not shit.

I really wanna recreate my own real life tattoo y'see, and I tried to learn how to do it the regular way but just ended up rather confused, so hopefully this tattoo system thing will make it easier.

Anyways. That Sim in the pics by the way is one that I was sort of working on.

I was trying to attempt a Japanese Sim, but instead she just looks like a FACKING MAN D:

Oh, and my copy of Ambitions has shipped by the by. It'll probs get here next week, which is nice and all but I wont actually be able to play it. Instead I'll just be spending the following few weeks hugging the game case and writing 'Fury + Ambitions 4eva' on my hand like some sort of mental.

Ah, at least I have the new Foals and Crystal Castles albums to get me through this terrible, terrible time.
And Strawberry and Lime flavour Kopparberg. Can't forget that.

Now... what should I have for dinner?


  1. for dinner, i would suggst super noodles (bbq beef btw coz they're the best) if you want something easy

  2. Evie has made some great tats -- she might be able to help!

  3. I have been enjoying the tattoos! I like that you can customize the defaults by changing size/opacity/color, so I think they did good on that, but more variety in the future would be cool. Glad to see you back, and as for food...what do you like? =\

  4. They do strawberry and lime Kopparberg? I gots to get me some of that. Elderflower and lime is immense, though I love all the flavours (except that cherry one they did once which was a bit bleurgh).

  5. Wait... did i miss something? Theres a new patch O_O

    Hmm... time to come out from under the rock, methinks xD

  6. My favorite part is the opacity changer with the make-up. No more slutty neon green eyeshadow!

  7. Actually Fury I didn't think the game would run because WA gave me a ton of problemos on my machine (well technically my hubbies) because of my lack of RAM. I have only barely what I need to run the game but I have a huge hard drive and nice video card. Anyway to the point....Ambitions runs great on my computer. It actually makes my game run more smoothly (either that or the patch). So it might be worth a try......

    As for food, I say hibachi chicken or thai noodles (mmmmm)

  8. Rofl. It's like those "Pickle Surprise" moments. xD

  9. I just saw this at MS3B and immediately thought of you,FuryRed. It's a TARDIS non-default replacement time machine!!

    I must have it and I thought you probably would too. :D


    Ohemgee thanks pentameter that's awesome XD
    Arghhhh I can't wait til Ambitions now.

  11. Oh, and for dinnerz I ending up having some garlic bread >_<

    And yush radsims get your hands on some Strawberry Kopparberg! They keep running out of it at my local Tescos :(
    Never tried the Cherry one :o

  12. Potato cakes! LoL!
    When I was in England I practicaly survived with those. Unfortunately there not very considerate about your sillouete!
    To make a japanese sim look at pics of my simself ayuko from the side. If you look at her in front she barely looks asian but from the side she looks most definitely japanese. Also our eyes are slightly bigger than other asians and have a bit more eyelash than that sim.

  13. I already got my hands on a copy of Ambitions. The careers are lots of fun to play around with...EA forgot to mention that they FINALLY added teacher, but it's just a regular career like the old ones. AwesomeMod doesn't work with the newest patch though. :(

  14. Mm I'm currently waiting for some mods to be updated too after the patch- namely Chaos Mod. All these patches give me a headache :P

    Arrgghhhh I wants Ambitions D:
    How many new careers are there anyways?

  15. Hey Fury!

    As for Careers, you have a variety. There is Firefighter, Ghost Hunter, Doctor (Havent tried that, b/c there is only new stuff to do; aka, Its still a Rabbit Hole), Interior Designer (Fun!), Tattooist and Stylist (Doesnt really appeal to me, might try it laterz)and Private Investigator.

    If you dont like them, you can become Self Employed as an Artist or writer. Or, Scultpor and Inventor. These skills are great, you can make Ice sculptures of people, and can make inventions like harvesters that collect everything from insects and metal, to dirty clothes.

    I'm having great fun, so I hope you do to!