Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hot and Cold

Hey Benji, what's with the sad face? You know that you won by a landslide right- by popular demand you're going to be Wriggle Kitteh's new boyf!

Now, why don't you go celebrate by giving our girl a kiss?

Oh, erm... There's something I probably should have mentioned about Ben... *shifty eyes*

You see, his traits are kind of... rotten. It's part of what makes me heart him so much tbh- I just love my flawed Simmies. But yeah, he's bad to the bone ;)

*Hates the Outdoors
*Never Nude

Oh Ginger, I get the feeling that you're not going to have the easiest life.

So yeah, following the vote came the breakup, and Darko was chucked.

Side note- Ben was also in a relationship when he hooked up with Ginger, naughty boy. He soon dumped the wench though.

As a couple Ginger and Ben were pretty content. They spent a lot of their time skilling- Ginger played the guitar and gardened, whilst Ben worked out and, erm, danced in his pants.

Ah, but then it all went horribly, horribly wrong.

Y'see, since the Ambitions patch I've been having this problem where I can see my Sims sleeping upstairs when my view is set to ground floor. Well, not all Sims- it's just the Kitteh for some reason- but it's still very weird.

It's levitation Holmes!

I'll let myself out...

Ahem, what's more weird is the fact that some of them keep disappearing through the bathroom floor too O_O

Oh, and I had a point where whenever a Sim went downstairs they would become invisible.

I'm scared...

Uh-oh, that's not a happy face...

By this point, Ginger and Benji had been together for a good while and were about two-thirds of the way through Young Adulthood. Consequently it was time to get a little bit serious ;)

Come on Ben, smile... PLEASE?

Hmm, that's a bit better. Aww, who could say no to that cute kitteny face?

Oh penis.

Benjamin Beckman: body of fire, heart of ice.

Ickle bit of SP news:
  • Bitten your daughter is married! Evie's shacking up with the son of Gemini Skye.

Am working on getting Ginger uploaded by the by, but for some reason my launcher just isn't having it :(
I think the file size is too big, so she may just have to be uploaded to MediaFire instead.


  1. That in-between floors thing is exactly what happened to me a couple weeks ago. It started happening again last night and I solved it by clicking the ground and teleporting to a new place. After that, my simmies stopped being stuck in that weird half-floor.

    WTF is Ben thinking turning down such a cute little Wiggle Kitteh?! He better get his shit together before some other hottie takes his place. xD

  2. ^*Wriggle Kitteh, ugh I hate that I can't edit comments.

  3. Pentameter had the same problem. I've have it alot of time. Like yesterday. It's not with ambitions. It's not a glitch with ginger or the lot or anything like that. You have moveobjects on and testingcheatsenabled true on at the same time. Move ginger to the floor she's supposed to be on, and turn off omoveobjects on. She should be fine after that.

    Or you can teleport her like Pentameter did. I've had this problem a LONG time. It's nothing new sorry.

  4. That same exact thing happened to me... But it was with an adult male. And yes, he had red hair. There is a ginger curse! O_o

  5. At least you don't have the partying to death issue...yet. Be warned though. If your Sim reaches level 10 in one of the careers that come with Ambitions, DO NOT SWITCH HOUSES BEFORE YOU GET THE KEY TO THE CITY!!! You get a little thing tellin ya to go to city hall, and if ya aren't there for it, your Sim doesn't go and then your others Simmies stand outside city hall cheering till they die. And you can cancel out the action as many times as ya want, but as soon as you leave the household they go right back to doing it.

    Wow that's a long comment...ah well! :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I really wanna try that partying to death :)

    Reason why I removed previous post: They should make a rainbow ghost to go with it..... xP

  8. What Ambitions patch? I thought there are no patches out for ambitions yet?

  9. Damn, he's cute. Seems like we're all onto unlegacies, I started a manwhore storry. 26-27 kids, don't remember. Now he's married to Pauline Wan. I pitty the fool.

  10. All I wanna say is: Damn, he's hot!

  11. The patch came with Ambitions...when you install it, it automatically patches even if ya aren't connected to the internet. And as fun as partying to death sounds, it isn't. :( Actually it's quite sad. *sniffles* Lol, but I found a fix! Ya gotta delete City Hall.

  12. Oooohh.. Thanks for the info summerRaine... Why delete city hall?