Thursday, 10 June 2010

Pretty Vacant

Hey sad clown, turn that frown upside down.
You're a daddy now yanno, that's gotta be, erm, fun right?

Okay I'm gonna be totally honest here- Drew and Ava SUCK as parents. Ava is particularly useless; she just spends all her time prancing about in front of the mirror.

And screaming at the general shitty shitty run-down crapass brokenness of the house.

And being laughed at by small boys as she collects her mail in the near-nude.

The couple have a lot of friends though, which means that the twins do occasionally get some love and affection.

Uh-oh, I can hear Amber's ovaries humming from here...

Get away from the hot boy honey, he's spoken for!

I don't think my game could handle that much ginger if they got together anyways...

And oh look it's the fucking Repowoman again, yippidy do-dah.

Despite their semi-neglectful upbringing the twins did manage to grow up relatively intact.

But do you think Mr and Mrs SelfishFace noticed? Did they fack...

A little treat for the ladies now as we see what it would be like if Drew was om-nom-nomming all over your chevvy chase.

Apparently Sims are very opposed to the open mouthed kissage...

Alrighty, one other picture of Chaos and Envy looking all cutey cute now. They're kind of identical aren't they, but I don't think it'll last. I reckon Envy will take after her dad and Chaos will take after his mom.

God I hope they don't end up fugly...

To be honest though I'd be wholly surprised if they end up even slightly normal.

I mean, look at this for example- it's meant to be a nice father/daughter interaction and instead Drew looks terrified and Envy's screaming like a mad cow : /

My hopes lie with Chaos- he seems the most sane thus far (though he does have the Evil trait so I guess we'll see how it goes...)

And oh look it's the FUCKING REPOWOMAN again.

Hey, you can pout all you want Drew, but maybe if you paid your bills for once instead of spending all your money on babysitters and spa treatments for Ava then your stuff wouldn't get pinched all the time!


And to conclude, some more fun courtesy of Story Progression:
  • Axel and Luna Weston (nee Chase) had a baby recently.
  • RubytheFuzzled was seen smooching with Drake from Escape to Riverview.
  • Wolfie, still a gigolo, has been providing his services to Freya FuryRed, Indiana Mars, Dahlia Mars, and, strangely enough, his ex-wife Little Red Riding Hood.
  • And the last bit of news... GRR. BittenAngel (bastard) and The Doctor are now MARRIED and have a BABY GIRL >: ( I'll make you pay Blizz...

Laters gators.


  1. Muhahaha! Lol!

    Who'd have thought I'd be so happy with The Doctor. ;] What's the name of the girl?

  2. It's Lisa : / But that's crap so I'm gonna change it. Any suggestions?

    And yush you're very happy together- I keep getting updates telling me so >: (

  3. Aww :p I heart the name Isabella. :D or Evelyn. Whichever tickles your fancy.

    And tehehe. I can't help but grin gleefully.

  4. Okey koke, I shall send Drew and Ava round to meet your family and change the name...

    Actually your kid will probably end up going to school with Chaos and Envy : o



  6. I knew you were going to say that! Gerrof my Chaos D:

  7. Nevar!

    I'll laugh if my child stalks him home now. :)

  8. I can deffo see it happening >: |

    By the by, your surname is now Gallifrey ;)

  9. Im sorry, what. Gallifrey. X_X

  10. That's The Doctor's surname in my game- cause Gallifrey is The Doctor's home planet in Doctor Who. Now you're married you're Bitten Gallifrey :P

  11. Oh good god.

    My child better be pretty, pfft. :P
    Also if she does follow Chaos home, i'll be like 'ATTA GIRL'. :D

  12. Chaos and Envy are so cute

  13. 12 comments, all by two people, wow!

  14. ahahaha lolz :D Bitten and the doctor with a child, way to still fury's doctor bitten ;) but i guess he couldnt resist u lol. Bad luck fury wolfie and furyred =O i would have nevah guessd lolz. You should do a separte blog for theese storys things and call it FuryRed's One minute borem lol

  15. Tell Drew I only accept open mouthed on my chewy chase XD or else I'd be like -.- (Pfft!)...boring!

    Chaos and Envy are adorable so far, lets see how those genes play out

  16. What does Twallans mod do? Like, does it just make the 'Turn Story Progression Off' work or...?

  17. Aww, the twins are so adorable ^_^
    *snort* Bitten Gallifrey xD Pahaha!

  18. Twallan's Story Progression mod just basically makes SP work like it's supposed to- Sims get married, have babies, and all that jazz- but what's great is you can personalise it how you like by turning certain options on or off.
    Also, it gives you nice little updates to tell you what everyone in town is up to :D

  19. New viewer of your blog! I think this has to be one of my favorites. I love your sim stories. I'm going through them now. Keep playing the sims and giving us awesome stories :D

  20. I love Ava and Amber's hair! Did those come with a game? or did you download them?