Friday, 25 June 2010

Quad Core

A brand spanking new day in the now-Jessee house finds Wriggle Kitteh all moved out. Yes, Ginger has her own pad at last, though it's not completely finished and junk- the family is as poor as ever (mainly due to their own laziness).

And with the new place comes hot new men ;) On the left we have Zach made by Pringle, and on the right we have Miles made by Westie.

Oh Ginger you really are spoilt for choice...

Initial signs looked good when, barely a few hours after their first meeting, Zach hopped into bed with Ginger all of his own free will. Whore.

In between deciding what man to jump all over, Ginger paid a visit to my favourite little family- the Ugworths. I didn't manage to catch a glimpse of The Chin, I mean, Misery just yet, but here's Malice as a child.

And oh, in a marvelous break from tradition we have a burglar instead of the usual repowoman.

I think it's better... he's cuter for a start ;)

The following day I used the snazzyness of Super Computer to invite Mr Burglar round, my plan being to serve him up a fresh can of whoopass.

It didn't quite pan out...

Ah, I can hardly blame the Kitteh though- Ben here is a regular beefcake, especially after the addition of hair dye and the removal of clothes.

And besides, I loves Ginger so much and I just want to make her happy.
She's really the master of her own destiny atm, cause whatever she wishes I dishes.

Oh, I should probably mention though... Ginger kind of has a boyfriend already...

You may remember Darko here from the last update- he was Ginger's first kiss. Well, they became a couple when they were teens and I kind of forgot to break them up.

Matters got even more complex when Ginger invited Darko around to finally chuck him. The bloody girl only went and wished for a woohoo didn't she! Damn her...

And hey, sticking with the whole wish fufillment ness, the following morning Miles was invited round to the house for a bit of flirty action.

I gather by the look on Ben's face that he wasn't too happy about this...

And apparently neither was Zach...

Reject my girl will ya?! You'll pay for that...

Now... how would you like to be helpful?

You see, Ginger has four sexy prospective partners here, and in time she will eventually need to settle down. Problem is, I don't know which one to pick. Well, actually that's a lie- I know who I want- but I'm curious to see what you guys think.

So, give us your views ;)


  1. :D He's my pick. As soon as he rocked up to the house with his stripey clothes and his big purple eyes I was sold ^_^

  2. I has a crush on Miles. XD

  3. I would have chosen the burglar...

  4. MILES!! Pick him!! (Did nobody see the his epic thread?!)


  5. yeaah!
    Four votes for Zach,
    Who I didn't vote for
    Well really I didn't vote,
    I can't decide

  6. Question: In the last picture. Where are Miles's pants?

  7. i voted the smexy burglar! :3

  8. Is this going to become a new legacy? :P

  9. ^ Edit: I just read the tag. [/fail]

  10. Where did Miles get his hat? Tis' smexy. ;D

  11. They're all so sexy! I voted for Ben, but if I could have picked two I would have added Miles. I like them both nearly equally. I ultimately chose Ben because I just like burglars. xD

  12. kinda winning by a landslide isn't he?

  13. I think Ben deserves a chance, kick the others to the side..with love of course!

  14. I lurves Ben but Zach is a cutie who needs to be on my game!

  15. Zach, mmmm he makes me think of kodona "boy lolita" ;) He is sexyfine.

  16. That first picture of Ben is soooooooooooo cute

  17. Yeah, Ben seems like the best fuck of the lot. He'll definitely make Ginger happy if you know whatta mean! ;)

  18. Fury were did you get Ginger's hair I like it.

  19. Aye, but it's an edit by Kittehbomb, found here