Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Memories and Photographs

After recently recounting the time me and the lovely Randomspirit first met on Cele's blogpost, it got me thinking about modeling competitions.

I've entered a couple in my time, a while ago now, and after relieving the memories I did a bit of rummaging, and managed to find all my entry pictures XD

There aren't many though...

The first competition I entered was called Goth World, and it was hosted by Lunabear. It went on for a few weeks before the host mysteriously disappeared, as seems to happen in the comps I'm in a lot :/

Here be some of my crapass pictures:

I think I like the last one the most, although I never actually used it for any assignments- it was like an outtake or whatev.

Around the same time as Goth World came Inspire, hosted by Kalie, and this was where I first met Randy XD

More pictures for ya:

The second pic is what provoked mine and Randall's first convo, where we discussed the pervyness of the Mega Lord Sponge :P

This comp also ended after a couple of weeks with the mysterious disappearance of the host :/

A few months later came Next Top Non-Mortal hosted by cantapoupe. This was a mega ace competition where I got to witness the awesomeosity of certain modeling wonders like CeleSeraphym and RepulsiveDesire1, but unfortunately proceedings were plighted by a lot of dropouts- mine included.

Regardless it was a great thing to be a part of, though I really buggered myself by choosing a ghost as my model...

In conclusion my modeling experience can be summed up thusly: a bit shit really.

This is not the point where all you nice people jump in and go 'awwwww you're really good honest', cause it just wouldn't be true. My strength lies words not pictures so I was never that suited to Sims modeling, and the fact that I didn't have CC or mods for the most part definitely made things more difficult.

I'm not saying my pictures are the worst thing ever- I quite like some of them- but when you see the real talent of others out there mine just pales in comparison. Fairly.

Howevers, this doesn't mean my interest in modeling competitions is over...
I don't think I'd ever enter one again- I only do things I can excel at and I honestly know I'm unlikely to win- but still, there are other things I can do, like hosting...

I've been thinking about maybe doing a modeling competition for a while now, but there's one main thing that's putting me off...
I'm kind of critical, and difficult to please :P

It drives me mad how, in all the modeling competitions I've seen, everyone's so nice. Constructive criticism is whoohoo of course, but when feedback is always so positive it doesn't give you anything to work towards. I remember once being really pleased because I got a score of 36/40 for an assignment which is really high obvs, but I still only placed like 8th or something because everyone else got such high marks too. It seems kind of silly yanno?

So yeah, I think if I ever do do a modeling competition I'll definitely need a couple of other judges with me so we can get the balance of harsh and fair.

It's something to consider :)


  1. u always make the prettyfullest sims! did urs ever win? i think u should do a modeling competition!

  2. Nah, never won- two comps failed and the other I dropped out of so nope :P

    I am rather tempted to do a competition actually... ;)

  3. Dooo it
    Dooo it


  4. its "lfmhan" here, your fan number one ;)

    your sims are great (I love these pictures, I love sims-ghosts) and I think you have great creativity and imagination, that is, you are perfect in creating legacys.
    The mars family legacy was a proof of it

  5. i think you have to make a ghost legacy, should be great ( with a great history of a accident with someone in the beginning, of coshould course ;D);should be fantastic *-*

  6. i play favorites. :) if i were to make a contest, u would win. but that would cause some drama with the other contestants. whatever. i AM a dramallama. XD

  7. don't know, i'm better at writing, but have considered try a few comps, even if i don't make it far. ;)

  8. You should do a modeling compition i would defently join =)

  9. I think it would be nice to finally see some real critiqs for once. I could post a monkey and everyone would be all, "Aww, nice entry!" Not really, but ya'know. I'd like to judge/join xD

  10. i think if u started one, more peepz than u expect wud enter. peace out of this world. XD

  11. The more fire, destruction, death, tragedy, ghosts, and dark stuff, the better! That's what people like nowadays! (Including me :B)

    and of course the love, dating and familys are pretty too.

  12. Are you killing The Doctor in the background of the picture with the ghost and the fire?!

  13. I think you should, but pair up with a couple of others. I bet Cel would help you, and she would probbz give fair criticism, she's got a lot of experience.
    As for your pictures - believe me, you get the hang of it after awhile. You've seen my Sims on the Exchange, right? That's really quite easy, but only if people want to learn. ;D I'd be happy to help you.
    All in all, I would really like to join a modeling competition that holds up. I could never find one, but I do trust you (and trust that you'll find some good judges). :) So, if you do start one, I would love to join. Best wishes to ya!

  14. Mayhap lighting. Otherwise, your photos are nice. I don't know what comps you were in, but, depending on the subject, I think you hit the bullseye rather well.
    These pictures capture your style. The fishnets and tights, half naked men, the doctor, tats, the drama fire, funky, cool, and different patterns, skulls, red. How it's filled with funny moments and dead seriousness.

    I've noticed, while reading your legacy, the way you decorated your legacy house. Granite walls with quartz running through, elegant but funky style. The odd quirkiness here and there. You have more talent than you think.

    A comp by you would attract, just by your status here. When you're well known, everybody wants to know you. Your Idea could suck(which isn't possible), yet you'd still have 15+ models fighting for spots(like black friday at a shoe store). It'd be a major sucess, and I feel that even if you weren't going for it, you'd have another title added to your name. Fury the writer. Fury the Blogger. Fury ultimate CC helper. Fury, one of the most loved, hated, and respected people around. Now, it might be Fury the Comp Holder as well.

    If I seem like a downer, you did ask for constructive critism, and I did give you construction.

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  16. (Ignore last comment, i missed a bit out >_<)

    Awww, memories ^_^
    Its quite weird actually, i've just looked at these photos and gone "omfg, i didn't realise that was her!" Seriously.
    The amount of times i must've seen you post, back in my lurker days - and it never triggered when we actually met... that those photos and posts were actually yours o_O (this made no sense whatsoever, did it?)

    Anyways, i think you'd be good at the judging/hosting.
    Just post a warning at the beginning that says "If you don't like being told you're crap, this is not the contest for you" =P Nah, just joshing =D
    Constructive criticism is supposed to be a good thing. Its a way for you to improve on what you've done - like in life, when you make a mistake; you learn from it. Tis the same thing.

    I hate it when you look around the comps that are going on, and someone gets a comment like "Its a great photo, but i think "insert thing here" would have looked better in a different colour" and then the contestant throws a bitch fit >=[ Thats not a bad comment!

    ... uh, where was i? I can't remember my point xD

  17. @Randall: Ikr? When we were first chatting on the Supernatural thread I had no idea I'd talked to you before- it wasn't until I had a nosey around your studio and saw Lucas that I clicked.

    If I do do a modeling comp I hope the awesomeness of you joins ;)

    @Amiee: I think you'd be a jolly excellent co-judge ^_^

    I'm definitely coming round to the idea of this more and more, but probably wont look into it for a little while as I have some Sims things to do first. Having said that though I'm already thinking of assignment ideas :P

    Now when it comes to the comp I just need a third judge. Oh Celery...

    @Westie: That wasn't a downer at all- I really liked reading your input there :)

  18. Oh Fuzzy


    Loljokes :) I'd be interested to snoop like a tiger in tall grass.

  19. Someone said that Cel was entering Gothique again . . . mebbe she'll be too busy.

    -Abby (too lazy to sign in, I'm afraid)

  20. Oh oh I remember Goth World! I was in it too. I was quite enjoying it but sadly it ended :(

  21. would u need another judge i would be more than happy to help but its up to u of course. u shuld totlly do a modling thing btw im setting up my own blog finally lol

  22. There's a few good critical judges around...RepulsiveDesire was always one of my favorites.

    I always stick by my own rule for comments, mention something good about the image first and then point out what you thought didn't work, how they could have improved it etc, works for me :D

    I still tend to score high though, you never know how a young simmer is going to take a really low score and I don't want to discourage any new modeling contestants.

    Cel isn't in the second cycle of Gothique, she will be a quest judge in some assignments however.