Thursday, 24 June 2010

Darn you compizzle...

Computer selection is harrrrrrrrrdddddddddd.

I've been fannying about back and forth looking at different computer websites for about three days now, and it's getting very tiresome. Y'see, the problem is that I asked my dad for advice. Me, I'm very impulsive- I'll just make a decision in the space of a few minutes and buy right there and then, but my dad likes to have a sit down and a think about it. Consequently, I've been subjected to reading tonnes of computer reviews, and it's melting my brain.

I want to crack on with this, I want my shiny new computer, and I know people are waiting for me to update all my stories and crap, but there's so many different computers to choose from it's insane. I've learnt more about processors and RAM and graphics cards in the past few days than I have in my whole life.

So yeah, computer is coming, updates are coming, it just takes time.
Such is life.


  1. Get a Amilo laptop. They are great. :)

  2. I thought you'd chosen already :O

  3. I've learned that Sony's and Gateway's are best.

  4. Mm, I did- but then I asked my dad what he thought, and then came the plethora of different reviews and websites and blahblahblahblahblah.
    All that extra info has confused me a tad, plus I think I might wait til I get paid again in like a week so I can blow even more money on my shiny new toy ;)

  5. I have a gateway pc, got it brand-spanking new in march, and sims crashes on it constantly, and pretty much only works in create-a-sim. Just a helpful tidbit for ya. :P

  6. I should point out this isn't as simple as me just picking out a computer and going LALALA THAT'LL DO. I'm trying to assemble one from scratch (not by hand, just choosing all the components and having it be put together by some clever computer types) and it's tricky. There's so much choice and big words! :P

  7. GoodLuck with picking one out. I'll be getting a new laptop in Feb. but I already know that I'll be getting a custom Alienware laptop.


  9. Great graphics card. Powerful hard drive. Lots of memory. Handles paint and edit programs well.

    Essentials in general public's case.

  10. I have a Vostro 3400--it's pretty good and it was something like 550 to 600 bucks. It's rated up high and it's got a ton of good reviews . . .

  11. LOL Fury, I'd get along with your dad so well...

    When we were looking at buying a new computer 3 years ago, we were just going to go with whatever Dell desktop that sounded good. I really barely knew basic stuff about computers & components (with messing around with the sad, sad little piss-ant that was our old Dell PC).

    After doing a bunch of research, I realized how much we could save if we just built the thing ourselves, so we did. And just with the research alone you learn SO much, but it helps tremendously down the have no idea... o_O

    Now I LOVE the idea of picking out parts. I'm way too poor to afford all the parts I want now, but I'm hoping to start off with the processor soon, then the mobo & ram, and finally the graphics card & new power supply. The only thing after that is liquid cooling and I'll be set! I didn't know much about motherboards at all before last weekend, and now I know pretty much exactly the specs I'd like on it. Poverty swallows...

    If want/need any opinions, I'll give you my 1/2 cents worth (not that it's even worth THAT much). It's frustrating, but the search can be SO much fun (and can I BE any more of a nerd...)

    Good luck Red! ^_^

  12. Good luck Fury! My dad "builds" all of my family's computers from scratch too and it can be a pain picking the pieces so I am sending good thoughts and fast choices your way! :)

  13. Ah-ha Cele, we did actually discuss the whole building your own PC thing, but you see I'm impatience gal so I just want my computer NAO :P

    I think I'm currently pretty set on what I want, but my dad wants to do yet more research :/

    Here be what I'm looking at atm; hopefully all you computer brains can tell me if it's good or not :)

    It's not completely as I'd like it, but it's what money will allow so yanno. I'm contemplating though whether it's worth spending an extra £20 to get a slightly better processor, but that comp meets all the minimum requirements of The Sims 3 and then some, so I think it should be okay :)

    P.s.- Firefox is so the annoying twat atm. So many things that should be showing up are blank, and it's irritating beyond belief >: (

  14. I don't know much, just don't get an Apple. I've never had one, but they seem complicated for some reason.

  15. Fury, that looks like a good setup. What was the other processor?

    The hard drive is fast, which is great, and the board looks decent (I *think* that model supports up to 16GB of RAM, not 100% sure). The graphics card will be sweet. The power wattage seems a little low, but it's probably a non-issue (and future upgrading is super easy and not too expensive anyway).

    The i3 is supposed to be a pretty good entry into the Intel i-series, so that's good. A quad core (i5 or i7) would be better if you do more shiz on your system and need the extra processing power, but if not, this should definitely suffice. If it's an i5 processor that you're looking at for $20 more, it might be worth it to go with that (it'll be a slightly better future-proof option for your system, especially if the price is right).

    I think you'll like it! :D Feel free to get me one too if you want xD

  16. Mm I was looking at the i5 series, but that would put my price up by like an extra £100 and I don't know if I'd need it. The next processor I was looking at was just a slightly higher model in the i3 series.

    I was thinking about maybe getting a higher power supply, maybe 500 or 650 watts, but we'll see what I can afford.

    Thanks for your help! :)