Friday, 11 June 2010

Ho The Shame

Chaos and Envy am children, Chaos and Envy am children!

Okay it's not that interesting, but I got bored of the toddler stage so deal.

Now, as predicted before the twins haven't really got off to the best start in life, what with Drew hitting on Little Red accidentally in front of his girlfriend and all : /

And in front of Envy...

And Chaos...

You see this, THIS is why I always seem to have emo children in my game- they're all deeply disturbed inside.

And then in time the disturbia starts to show outside too, in the form of A MASSIVE FUCKING NOSE. Oh, and tattoos and dyed hair and stuffs.

Hmm, as I feared the result of two hotties appears to be not-so-hotness, but at least Envy's a cutie.

Right now things in the house are shitty. Ava only works part-time cause she's a lazy bum, and Drew keeps getting arrested so he can't make any money. Everything's constantly breaking and they all have to share one bathroom and there's only two tiny bedrooms and it's just basically a big pile of wank.

But at least I still have pretty things to brighten up the place ; )

Fancy a slice anyone? A nice bit of salami? Some 'cheese'?

I'll stop now...

With Drew's relationship with Ava going down the shitter and with him wanting another baby, I decided to follow Clairezy's suggestion of unleashing the ginger power by getting Drew to roll on top of Amber.

She resisted him at first though- apparently she too fears the ginger power.

In time though we had lift off- nerdy ginger sex was had and a baby was shoved up in there.

Oh poor Ava...

Yanno Amber's actually in a relationship as well atm : o Ruddy cheaterz.

Slutty whoreish foxes aren't they?

My god, Drew's leg is fucking massive...

Oh dear.

SP stuffs:
  • Mayana Mars and Mitch (Indie's boyfriend) have been getting it on.
  • The Doctor apparently got mugged : o And he's now olde (HA Bitten!)
  • Despite it being a whole other game and shiz, true love clearly still exists as Zephyr Mars and Ruby Weston got married all over again XD

And that's it. So fack off ; )


  1. I'll laugh if the ginger folk have a child with completely different coloured hair.



  2. Tbh I wouldn't be surprised- the genes in this game am shit :(

    And he's olde cause he's an adult yanno, and he aged. No living for thousands of years for this Doctor! Hurhur you're married to an oldie...

  3. I love that Zephyr and Ruby got married :-)

  4. Why do all your children watch that? On purpose!
    I had a feeling that nose would get you somehow. Messing up Drew's child seemed the best way to do it.
    All my kids just have a murderous gleam in their eyes. I swear I had sisters who were thinking of eating the bus driver.
    I'm calling that kid carrot top.
    Even when you aren't writing a legacy, you still manage to find drama and fleshy bits appearing in your game.
    Thank you for the stars.

  5. Just this week, I was depressed about how Fridays seem empty without the Mars. Then I remembered Drew and Ava. :)
    And are you ever gonna try to fix the Stanford Prison Experiment? xD

  6. Zephyr and Ruby must love each other very much if the got married in a different game LOL!!!!!

  7. Haha I dated a ginger. Fire crotch love is epic ;)

  8. *Steals Ava* I'll turn her into a real woman. 8)

  9. I was kinda afraid that Chaos and Envy would be ugly... one sim lot can only take so much hotness!

  10. Wow that nose is something. xD

    I'm adding Drew to my game so he can procreate with my newest sim. I'll post some pics up at my blog when they have some offspring.

    How do you always manage to have utter and complete chaos in your households? (I loved that about your legacy.) Do you utilize free will a lot? I'm a total control freak so my sims are never acting up unless I make them.

  11. And I was tempted to say in the earlier post, I hope they don't get Ava's nose!

  12. 'Fire crotch love is epic'
    Maybe the best quote of all time : D

    @pentameter: I shall look forward to seeing your Drew kids- hopefully they'll fare much better genetically than mine >: | I have hope though! I think they'll blossom when they reach adulthood.
    And yuh I do have freewill on all the time, hence the madness (and the fact that I like to mess with my Simmies >: D)

    @Anon: I'm not gonna attempt to fix Stanford until I get my new computer, cause I fear whatever I do to fix the game will be undone by installing Ambitions anyways :) Only a couple of weeks to go.

  13. yanno, Drew kinda looks like Sidney Crosby (uber hot hockey player) 'cept Sid has dark brown hair.

  14. Look at chaos when he finds out Drew is flirting with little red his one hand is under his nose lol!!!!!!

  15. Sims doesnt go into detail on his...ahem,parts, do they?

  16. Fury did you get those "replacemts" that was the first thing that came in my mind as soon as I saw thoes stars that were covering Drew's man parts. I love that Zephyr and Ruby got married in a diffrent game.That nose is HUGE I think anymore pretty sims mean that your game would go crazer than it all ready is.

  17. Mugged? what kind of mixed up sims do u have