Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tra La La

Alrightyroo, good news re: the game situation.

So I used S3PE to shove all my files together liek (excluding mods and sliders) and it does indeed seem like things are moving faster. Howevers, the problem with it not loading at all still remains- but luckily it seems it's just the one save file. I tried my game with like three different save files and, yeyyyy, it works fine. The corrupt file isn't important anyways- just one I use for trying out new Sims- so hurrah everything is good in my Simmie world XD

Now, as my game is up and running again I was able to complete a Sim I was working on, and here she is:

Get her HERE

I tried a new skin for this one, that of the Lady Frontbum, and I'm somewhat in love. It's rather gorgeous as you can see, but I'm not sure if it'll be a permanent switch- I could do with one that's a little less button-nosed, plus the stomach shading is a bit too hungry for my tastes.

But then again, that is the joy of non-default skintones isn't it- I can mix and match for every occasion :D

I had something else to say but I've blanked on what it is, so I'll just shut up yeah? Yeah.


  1. Good to see everything worked

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you fixed your game. :)

  3. Question, what did you use to shove your files together? And where can I find it? I may have a rather large amount of CC...

  4. S3PE. Here's where to download it:

    And here's a lovely tutorial to show you how to work it:

    Don't be scared- it looks daunting at first but it's actually very simple to do :)

  5. Thanks! O_o You're right; it does look incredibly scary at's hoping I don't screw something up! *crosses fingers looking terrified*

  6. @ Amieezilla: I know, it gives her character.

  7. "Don't be scared- it looks daunting at first but it's actually very simple to do." My guttermind translated that into something very suggestable.