Thursday, 6 May 2010

Isle Be Damned (Puns are Funs)

Well I'll be goddamned, an OT 'Friday' thread I'd actually be interested in joining...

Howevers, I am prevented from posting by two things:

1- Stubbornness
2- The stipulation that we must 'keep it clean' : p

I'll tell you four of them though:

- Tweezers (unruly eyebrows scare me to death)
- Pack of cards (to keep me entertained)
- Pop-up tent (to keep me dry and happy)
- Jet ski (self-explanatory)


  1. tempted to sneak something dirty in that thread. Well...
    -a tent with a bed
    -lots of books
    -a extra pair glasses in case i break mines
    - a dratboard with Poptwat's face

  2. The fith thing's Eden Mars right? LOL!!

    Why do we have to keep it clean anyway? Don't they know that's borin'? I'm going to start a tpoic asking the same thing on my forum butonly you're NOT TO BE CLEAN!!!! LOL!!!!

  3. mine would be laptop with wifi connection
    a huge tent with a posterpedic bed
    a fridge
    a fishing pole and hunting knife
    a book explaining how to clean fish and small animals, plus other books to enterain me.

    hey it didnt have any restrictions on what you can take!

    whats your fifth fury?

  4. Shit!! Forgot to put mine! They would be, My puppy, my teddies, my laptop, my bedroom and... my mum.

  5. Mine would be:
    -A hottie who knows about surviving in the wild and knows how to keep a lady company. ;D
    -Lifetime supply of Sweet Tea
    -Pokemon and my DS with new sun powered energy thanks to hunky guy mentioned in #1.
    -Some hair de-frizzer. My hair don't like them humid and dry weathers. I get's suppah Frizz!

  6. I can't mention at least 2 of the things I'd take ;), but the other three would be a laptop with unlimited internet & power, an assault rifle with unlimited ammo (if it's a hostile island; a dog if not), and (like Kelle) a Treetent.

  7. 1) Toothpaste
    2) MP3
    3) Lots of batteries
    4) Brush
    5) A blanket!

  8. Umm, no, scratch the last one. I'd take Taylor Lautner who knows how to keep a person warm. And can do other things too! ;)

  9. here's my list.
    the tardis. That's all I need. No waitz, I think I'd need a time lord too if I wanna know how to use it.

  10. 1. My iPod
    2. A laptop with internet connection (not mine)
    3. Portable DVD player
    4. DVD's and CD's
    5. All of the Harry Potter books.

    And mebbe I'll throw a gun in there too. Just in case :)

  11. 1) A boat.
    2) A good crew.
    3) A map.
    4) Lots of food.
    5) A compass.

    Now I can get back to where I came from :D