Thursday, 13 May 2010

Incarcerate Me

So with regards to my imminent Sims plans I have some more info…

As you know already the title of my project is ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’. I thought this might ring some bells with some of youse guise, but clearly you have no idea what I'm on about >_<

>Full Readz

In summary though:
The Stanford Prison Experiment was a psychological study conducted in the 1970s by a Mr Zimbardo. Volunteers were set up in a makeshift prison, and were randomly allocated the role of either prisoner or guard. The idea was to see how these roles and the environment impacted the participants behaviour.

I plan to do the same, but with Sims ; )

Naturally it wont be as straightforward as that- there will be definite elements of manipulation on my part- we must keep it interesting after all… Bahaha!

But anyways, let’s get to the ‘volunteers‘…

-If I plan to use your Sim and you don’t want me to, just say.
- I will of course be mentioning in the story that they're your Sim, with links and all that jazz.

Random, Bitten, Ruby- I’ve thieved your Simselves. Amiee I tried to get yours but it just wasn’t having it, so instead I downloaded Evil Esther.

Y’see, I think it’d be cool to not only have a few Simselves in this story, but some regular Sims too. So far the only recruitment my end has been Mort:

I don’t want only regular Sims for this though, in fact I think it’d be quite fun to have some Sims from other stories take part.

First on my list is naturally Zeus Ugworth, so Bitten if you could be awesomely awesome and upload him to MediaFire or summat for me that’d be grand.

Clairezy I’d quite like to use Apple Rotten if you’re okay with that.

I have my eye on Gage Uglacy but I don’t know if Candi would mind.

I think I might stick The Doctor in there too.

Other than that, ergh I dunno. I plan to recruit here rather than the forums because I know the main response will be ’feel free to choose any Sim from my studio’, and that’s not what I’m after. I wouldn’t expect people to make Sims specially for moi unless they were really inclined, but I’d definitely like people to suggest specific Sims that they’d like me to include.

Of course just finding people to volunteer Sims is only part of the problem.

Considering my computer is notoriously spasmodic when it comes to installing Sims successfully it’s somewhat hit and miss regarding who I can get my grubby hands on. The only real success I’ve had recently is getting Bitten’s Simself as made by Kelle- so Kelle if you have any Sims you think would be suited to this project or if you’d like to make one fresh liek that would be awesomesauce.

And if anyone else has a Sim to volunteer that‘s wicked. I can’t guarantee that they’d work in my game or even that I’d choose them, but we’ll see how it goes.

So… what do you all think?

(P.s.- I will of course be updating Escape to Riverview before I start all this shiz).


  1. Sounds like a freaky awesome strange but lolathon idea.

    And bless you can't bear to be separated from your beloved? ;]

    Of course I'll plonk him on mediafire for your needs, he does love you touching him up after all. Lol gross. :P

  2. Also that is one freaky ass room.

  3. Haha, well sadly for Zeus I don't think imma be putting myself in the experiment. Mebbe I can find someone else for him to love... ; )

  4. And that's your room batch! Well, if you're a prisoner :P I'd start crossing your fingers now- the draw will be random (not that Random).

  5. Haha, I want to be a kinky guard. :(

    Oh noes, I won't be bullied by my head being put down that toilet will I? It looks rather...messy.

    And too bad Zeus, although I'm sure he'll love the fact its you in control...;]

  6. Sounds like a wicked blood-filled twisted adventure. :)
    I'll volunteer mehself.

  7. Awesomesauce! Looks amazing. And yeah, that is one creepy room!

  8. I have MediaFire if you'd like. :)

  9. I know there's another comment here somewhere, Blogger is just holding it hostage for some reason...

    Alakazam! *appear*

  10. You can use my sexy simself if you want to :D

  11. -is intrigued- =D should probably be a tad worried for poor sim-random, but actually looking forward to this a lot. Weeee!

  12. Fury, I would hate to be one of your Sims! ;D Poor little things. Muahaha! Keep up the great work...and if ya need 'em, you can steal my Simmies. Just let me know if ya do and I'll upload them somewhere...

  13. Sweeeeet! I don't really have any sims to give. I don't think I'd want to release them into your hands anyway! XP

  14. Darn simself! xD
    I miss Esther some days. It'll be nice to see her elsewhere. It's probably for the best mine didn't work. She has a weird chin that I need to fix. xD

  15. ooohhh..... this sounds interesting! and you are more then welcome to thieve some of my simmies off of my blog


    I offer up Josiah Anderby-feel free to use him as you see fit :D

  17. That's great! I volunteer the sim I wanted to give you as a present: Jolie Morita
    Good luck!

  18. I think it sounds awesome, and I'm wickedly fucking jealous that I didn't think of it first! ;D I can think of a couple of sims that I'd volunteer, but I'm not sure if you'd want them (i'm not exactly one of the cool kids around here, ya know...)

  19. Lol Cele- you were one of the people I was hoping might volunteer >_< Not cool my arse :P

    Thanks for all the Simmies everyone! I'll be trying 'em out and seeing if they download soon, fingers crossed liek.

  20. Hey fury, I read that post were you could see under the covers the sims doing it. I got a better idea: delete the bed! Yeah, I got some really freakish photos, fucked up I guess.

    You can use her if you want :D

  22. I wanted to ask you before, were did you get the bloody toilet from? (pun intended :)

  23. It's just a normal toilet, but I used this grimy pattern that I got from the exchange.

  24. Ooh! Cool idea! May I volunteer my simself, and if she fails on you, I'll push my creepy zombie, Zach, if you want. He'd survive as a prisoner! :D

    Link to simself:
    Link to Zach:

  25. or you could use...
    Chika!! :D


    If you want you can use her :P

  27. voluntering!!! okay so basicly this is just my simself, if you want to use then please do! i realy dont mind. if you do then can you send me a comment on my blog or something please? Lxxx

    ps (i really DO want you to use my simself so like plz do!!) hair from peggy and clothes from anubis and other ranom places

  28. I gotta couple for you.

    My little brother's bloodspattered sorta simself, Leelicious:

    A Vampire, Rhys Walker:

    Mandy Muerta:

    Insane June Fae (she's a teen but you could age her up if you needed to):

  29. Ooh I like your vamp in particular, I dunno if my game's gonna let me have him though as it says 'Please Update Your Game' on the page :(

    I'll give it a try laters though :)

  30. It says "Please Update your Game" on every item in the Exchange for me, lol. I think it's because I have a Mac. Also, I can't DL anything with the "add to your game" button. I have to click "Save File". Works much better. :)

  31. I have to ask . . . how the waffleburp did you find this? What exactly were you looking up? I'm contemplating your evilocity, and lemme tell ya, I'm thinkin' you were looking up 'Standford Prison Experiment'. :I

  32. OMG I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU COULD USE ONE OF MY SIMS!!!! I WOULD here are some i just made...
    Macie & Magie

    If nonof them work i could make more I just any thing to let one of my sims in your story...
    and feel free to use ANY of the other sims in my studio (you could say im a BIG fan of you!♥♥)

    If you click my name it will take you the my studio ^^^^^:D:D:D

  33. @luluminitutu: I learnt about it when I did my Psychology A Level ; )

  34. RubytheFuzzled15 May 2010 at 09:09

    Woahz, this shall be epic incredibles. O.O

    Hah, I was told bout this experiment in my psych class at nerd school briefly. Kinda twisted insight into human nature.

    Wonder who'll get to be the prison guards.

    Poor little sims. Muhahaha. >:D

  35. u said you want sims from stories well chika is in something I'm planning
    (chika is the last link i sent)

  36. Ooo, I do have a simmie you could use. She is the sim version of one of my main characters from a story I'm writing, if you were wondering :) You're free to use her, if you want. May need to do some trait editing mind you xD I think she only has two...

    Chika's Story

  38. Do you Like them?

    does this sound weird or is it just me? ok i had a dream last night that i got to meet you...but it didnt turn out realy how i hope it would...ok ya now i sound weird.......

  39. I like the idea!! Should be fun! Tee hee hee... I really admire you Fury, ya know that right?

    Anyways, you can use my Simself if you want, I plan to upload her to MediaFire soon (hopefully today) she's not a very good Sim, but she DOES act a lot like me and I'd be pretty hilarious locked in a cell. (wouldn't be funny in RL, but seeing the humour in your problems makes life easier, which is why I'm saying I'd be funny) For a start I scream whenever I see a bloke and refuse to make any contact with them, laugh at really stupid things and act like a total idiot.

    Anyway, ya don't have to use her, just sayin' that you can.

  40. Also, 'cosyou got a A level in Psychology, can you be my Psychologist? I already have onr but she's bullshit.

  41. I think this would be so awesome! Maybe I can volunteer Marko Caldwell from my studio. He might fit in quite nicely.
    I will be lurking quietly heheh

  42. Do you still need sims Fury? I've been sick the past few days so I haven't checked back on this, but I'd love to offer up something if you still want it!

    And you were hoping I'D enter?! Wow...squeeeeee!

  43. So many comments. (0)_(0)but I made it all the way to the bottom. You take one litlle week off the sims to move and all this happens! :D I would love to see you use Apple mucho gracias! She's a whiner and fainter so you'll have your hands full with her.

  44. Ahmagad Chicago that's the sexy vamp isn't it? That'd be really cool actually as I'm looking for Sims from stories and that XD I'll see if he downloads okay later on.

    Yup Cele I'm still after Sims- I'm excited to see what you offer ; )

    Thanks Clairezy :D I think Apple will fit in great, whether she likes it or not >_<

  45. I'll be uploading Sims to mediafire. So far I have only done my Simself.

  46. There is one sim I have made that has an interesting personality... feel free to use her.

  47. ^.^ that would be so cool Fury if he downloads for you! *crosses fingers* he's jus one sexy vamp I cant keep my eyes off off lol

  48. This sounds like an awesome experiment. I'm intrigued as to how it'll work but looking forward to it.

    My favourite sim to torture was one of my ghosts, Adrian Mole day (genius, mean spirited, athletic, no sense of humour, hydrophobic)

    He's here if you want to play about with torturing him too (he's uploaded with the rest of the family but I could always upload him separately):

  49. Adrian Mole DAYE. Man, I can't even get the names of my own sims right this morning. Coffee is needed now!

  50. Hey, Fury -- Just wanted to say that I aced that test in my AP Psychology test on the SPE because of you, so thanks for being the single greatest study aid IN THE WORLD!!!! lol