Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Interview Progress

Alrighty, so with regards to the interviewness we're off to a good start. I've emailed Aoxa and am waiting for a reply on that front, but in the meantime the lovely Ruby has agreed to answer some questions- yayyy XD

I'll be compiling some stuffs to ask in the next couple of days, but in the meantime you can help me out.

As Bitten suggested it would be a neat idea to have some readers' queries thrown in, so if you have any burning questions you'd like to ask Ruby the Fuzzled, post 'em now and I shall choose my favourites.

Thankies x

Editation- any questions you'd like to ask Aoxa would also be grand :D


  1. i wanna know whatever happened to ruby and the grim?

  2. There was an update on ruby and the grim the other day, yesterday i think

  3. So sorry, I rambled on about my creation and forgot to mention het name is Jolie Morita! Pressing on my name should take you directly to her. She's my very favourite sim and I use her everytime I want to create a new character. I hope you like her too!

  4. What's the interview about?Thanks

  5. Sims? And related gubbins.

  6. Just thought of a question: I'd love to know (for Ruby or Aoxa or anyone else) how much of yourself and your own personal morals/values/likes/personality/etc you put into your game/sims/stories/etc, and how much or how often you deviate from your own real life existence.

    For instance, if you're thin, pretty, well off, and caucasian, do you ever create sims or stories from other points of view, and do you populate your hoods with diverse groups of sims (looks, personalities, race/color, size, etc)? Or do you prefer to stick with what you know and are familiar/comfortable with? How far outside the box do you travel when coming up with creations for your game?

    *that might be more than one question....* XD

  7. That's a super-duper question Cele- thanks so much :D

    Will definitely be using that, though I may rephrase it to make it shorter :P