Monday, 10 May 2010

Be Afraid...

Since my legacy ended I've found myself in a bit of limbo...

I need to get on with Escape to Riverview, but I've come to a stopping point as, although I know what will happen in the conclusion of the story, I haven't quite planned how to get there...
My other semi-story, Fury and the Doctor, has also come to brief pause, this time due to the people who run the TS3 site being about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

Y'see, a Simmer by the name of ggavric8887 has been so unbelievably kind as to gift me the entire Bayset set from The Store (wheeeeee!) but unfortunately I can't get at it yet.
I wanted to use the shiny new kitchen and bathroom stuff as part of a new house for myself and the Doctor and our companions, but it wont fricking download.

How many people does it take to run that fucking site? There's about a hundred SimGurus listed, and yet somehow they're incapable of making it work >: |

Anyways, consequently I've been twiddling my thumbs a bit when it comes to the Sims. I haven't just played the game in a really long time, and I can't imagine ever doing so again without taking pics and writing about it.
I've been brainwashed by my own legacy >_<

I have another story planned but I wont be starting it until I get a new computer, which may not be for a few months.

I need something short-term to do, something fun... and then I had an idea...

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Details coming soon...

In other news I mades myself a sexeh Sim todae:

Get him here


  1. woaw. hes georgous O_o
    gah i have to go and download him now.

    where are the ear-piercings from ?
    and where do you get all your awesome cc from >:D

  2. You make such awesome sims Fuzzhead. I'm jealous. ;] On another note, is that sim who I think it is? >;o

  3. There's links for all of his CC if you click the link below his picture :)

    My CC is from allllll over the place, but MySims3Blog is the best way to find new stuffs-

  4. Yes it is Bitten... BAHAHAHA!

  5. i gots it now. thankyou :3

  6. Oh noes D: ! Although I must admit I'm cackling at the moment because you will be an adult soon in sie legacy. KEKEKE.

  7. Nuhhh, be nice to me or I wont let you join my experiment, although mebbe that would be a reward rather than a punishment...?

  8. Pahaha, oh but Fuzzy you must continue onwards in the life! Unless you accidentally die or get stabbed or something. You shall die with your beloved Zeus. ;]

    On a side note, he'll probs die before you so you can have some dishy sims to snaffle when he's dead. >=P

  9. aw poor bitten.... *hides simself*

  10. Gotta love that inanimate chain hanging off his earring . . . really . . . based off Aikea Guinea's, right?

  11. Hey Fury! I got this sim for your game I want to give you. She is a great base to make absolutely gorgeous sims, will give pretty offsprings and she is just unbelievably BEAUTIFULL! I havent seen sims prettier than her, personally. I do hope you appreciate this gift from me. Id send her as an email but I couldnt find one so I put her in the exchange. My name links to my exchange page so you can find her easily. Have fun! :)