Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lack of Publicity

So there you have it peoples, the very first interview! (Scroll down if you haven't read it yet).

Now originally I was going to start a topic in General Discussion on the forums to let people know about this, but recent circumstances have made me a bit hesitant...

Back in the day I used to see all these people being banned and think 'that'll never be me'. Yes, some of the bans were perhaps silly and overly harsh, but you could always see what the perpetrator had done wrong. In the past couple of months it changed slightly- the bans got more ridiculous but I could still see them coming. Even my own ban a few weeks ago was predictable in a sense- the incident could definitely be seen as a lapse in judgement in my part; not because I did anything wrong but because I should have known better- I know what the Gurus are like. Now though it's different.

For reals.

In the past I thought I was safe- I thought as long as I didn't do anything stupid then I couldn't be banned- but how do I know that for sure now? I'm afraid to post anything- anything at all- because it might get me perma'd, and while that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world I resent the Gurus having that much control over me.

And so I find myself not only going on the forums less but just being a creeper instead of an active poster, and the sad thing is it's not even me who's going to suffer from this. I see people on the forums sometimes just looking for answers, and I know I can help them but I'm stuck. I want to reply- I want to tell them I know how to fix their issues with custom content or glitchy babies, but I'm fearful.

Some people may be thinking 'well what's the point in not being banned if you're not going to post?', but I guess that's because, to a lot of people, the forums are the main enticement of the TS3 site. They get banned and they go running back, but I couldn't do that. The thing that matters to me- the reason I continue to be a member of the community is because I'm proud of my standing and my studio. If I got banned and went back I'd be starting from zero again, and it just wouldn't be worth it.

Oh I'm having a ramble again aren't I? I guess what I'm trying to say is... this sucks. We shouldn't be afraid to post normal, helpful things on the forums for fear of undue repercussions.

It's a fucking joke.

*sigh* To be honest I might chill the fuck out and post it on the forums later- we'll see how friendly things are looking I guess.


  1. Fury, personly i don't think it matters if you get banned. The SimGurus are all idiots, they banned one person for a dancing banana and saying thank you.

    What I'm trying to say is, if those bitches (and man-bitches) ban you, it won't make me respect you any less.

  2. Erm, believe me, it's really bad. I got a warning from EA about being 'off topic' when I posted a comment helping a girl to install custom content. The irony is - it was a CC thread!

  3. Whoops, that was Abby (luluminitutu) up thar.

  4. im really starting to hate the sims 3 too

  5. I'm not on the forums much when I am there it's slow and boring and (in my experience) a lot of the posters are jerks wads. (Maybe I should mary their simselves to a Rotten? I'm sure they'd have lots of bad traits but they'd probably end up trolling on the computer in sim form too. :P)

  6. Hey, Fury, I noticed your Simseff got more and more evil looking as you revised her. I can't believe she actually looked kind of sweet before!

  7. It is sad, a user shouldn't be afraid to make posts. That the opposite way a business should go. I wonder if the way high ups know about all this bull that has been going on. I say they should all get fired and they should hire me instead. I'll put the forums to good use. (I'm thinking Caturday)
    I rarely post on the forums. If I do it's helping someone out or inserting my two cents. My last topic was me asking for help. I'm glad someone helped It took like two days before anyone decided I was good enough to post an answer to. I even put it in the right sub-forums to prevent anything bad from happening. xD

    I forgot what my main point was. So I'm just ending my comment here.

  8. Fury, just so you know, I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you! Not in a yuck way tho. The purpose of this post is to let you know that I linked you on my website(click ma' name) And that I have been a fan of yours since day 1, or something like that. In fact, I remember when your cc installation guide came out in October or September. I love your sim style and your stories.


  9. I only recently went on the forums and I think I was offtopic but I didn't get banned. I guess just going on the forums is too close to a perm ban. I so scared!

  10. I'm on the forums less and less now, due to no one being there, and the ridiculous bans. It makes me sad, people get banned for being OT and I remember that the OT in the Supernatural Pic Thread made me come back again and again. I miss random dino's and flying monkey's pics!

  11. This is why I just lurk in the forums instead of actually posting. It works better that way. But back in the days . . . (kay, I'm not that old . . . er . . .).