Wednesday, 12 May 2010

-insert clever title here-

I must extend much love to Aoxa right now...

Y'see, I've just spent the last few minutes sat at my computer crying thanks to a link she posted.

I should point out though they were tears of laughter >_<

This is the Salazar Legacy by fantasia, and I must say imo it's fucking brilliant.

fantasia is definitely going on my list of prospective interviewees fo sho- a list that is growing all the time.

I think it'll be nice to not only examine the opinions of the many well-known Simmers out there, but to also shed light on some of the hidden gems. Consequently, if you ever have any suggestions of people you'd like me to look into feel free to share : )

In the meantime imma get back to reading, as well as trying to pry my cat out from behind the sofa (I have friends over and she's nervy).

; )


  1. So you want to have a title?Wow,I can't even think of a title but I commented anyway lol

  2. How about an interview with Jarsie9? I'm sure you'd get millions of viewers with that interview. :P

  3. In a recent post she said(jarsie)= Jarsie9 for leader of the free world!

    Now THAT is funny. And a clever title.
    Damien gets lectured by Crumplebutt.
    At least I think its funny

  4. Off subject, but - people who don't have a Blogger account and comment on your blogs seem creepay, don't they? (Sorry 'bout that. I was the 'Abby' commenting. O_O) But I have a Blogger account now, under a stupid username, so at least it's less freakish!
    (P.S. If anyone dare clicks on my blog link in my profile, be warned - there's three useless posts - about Sims 3 - on there.) I'M NOT ADVERTISING WHATSOEVER. THAT WOULD BE STUPID TO ADVERTISE WHEN THERE'S NOTHING ON MY BLOG. AND TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS STUPID TOO. That's why I'm not.

  5. MedleyMisty:

    Or Rad, who is doing a do-it-all legacy:

  6. Cats are a no-no for moi. I is highly allergic. I dig dogs. :D

  7. Aww, you have a kitty cat, how cute! I love cats! I've got one too, she's the most beautiful cat in the world!

  8. Hey Fury,remember that post with the weird images? Like sims flying? Guess what, I got weirder ones! You may want to check them out, they're hilarious! Nice to see you again!

  9. hi! *waves* i'm new check out my blog plz

    sorry for advertising

  10. Aww! Fury's got a cat! Cute!! McKenziie hates cats though! LOL!

    Yeah, a interview with Jarsie would be good, but she'll never agree. Maybe you could make up her answers?

    Seriously niw though, I think Kelle; Amieezilla and possibly HarmonySims are all interview worthy.

  11. It's the funniest thing I have ever read. Seriously lol. Fantasia is the reason I wasn't so against getting grumpy sims XD Damien is so awesome.

  12. ^_^ Have you read the Sims2 legacies by fantasia? Just as hilarious, if not more so. I really hope he/she does a full legacy at some point.

  13. Some of my favourites:

    Raquelaroden who writes the Edith Prescott Mystery Series and Ophelia Oftpreg Experiments: and

    SB/Beth who collaborate on TS2 epic Passages/Sessions

    TheLunarFox who writes Ruin and TierradeLegado

    Aikea_Guinea from Club Crimsyn (or any other top CC creators for that matter)

    And you should try for Pescado, just because that would be, um, interesting...

  14. (except that should be SB/Gayl - SB IS Beth. Perhaps I should rename myself Rad the Confuzzled this morning).

    PS Don't know if it's Wordpress and/or Blogger being hopeless but OpenID isn't working for me.