Tuesday, 18 May 2010

And The Result Is...

So the patch passed the first test- I went into my game and it wasn't ablaze. There were no blue lots of doom, everything seemed normal excusing the memos that kept popping up urging me to try Shop Mode.

I went into CAS and, extreme yay, all the Sims I'd been trying to download were finally working. What's more I was now able to have non-default skins which made me sehr happy.

By this point I was giddy, so I shoved some Sims into a household and went to play with them and try the new interactions out.

That's where it all went wrong.

Currently, my Sims can only be Mean to each other. That's it. No Friendly, no Romantic, no nothing.
I've heard about this glitch before and it prompts only one question:


Now I shall be spending the next however-long trying to fix this problem.


Edit- alrighty after my slight spaz there I feel a bit better now. As Bitten suggested I took the hacks out of my game and all is good now, I guess I just need to figure out which mod is causing it to freak out. I can't cope without mods though so I'm not binning them D:

This whole thing is pretty new to me. In the TS2 days I didn't even know about CC or mods so I never worried about this stuffs. It definitely makes updating more tricky, and technology not working is the one thing that frustrates me more than anything else in the world.

Hmm, what are you gonna do eh?


  1. Oh god! I had that, it was from something I'd downloaded. >_< You're gonna have to mooch through your custom content. Eee. Delphy's dashboard perhaps?

  2. Mm I dashboarded before I started the game and it was all fine. Do you remember what in particular you had that was bad?

  3. I think it was a mod. o.o Not sure which though. >_<

  4. mods cause that problem. Just add them back one by one to figure out which one caused the problem.

  5. Glad to hear that your game is working appropriately, meh dearest Fury. =]

    I was told that you were looking for me for permission to kidnap one of my simmies and use them for horrible things. =D

  6. I suppose what I should have said is that I'm glad that SOME parts of your game are working appropriately. Do you have any sliders by Delphy? They effed my game up in exactly the same way.

  7. I got all stressed out just reading that!

  8. Yeah I has sliders all over the shop, but I've been putting the mods back in bit by bit and it seems to be okay now (yey).

    And yes I'm after thieving one of your Sims, in particular Little Red Riding Hood. She wont necessarily be used for horrible things, it kind of depends on whether she's selected to be a prisoner or a guard XD

    Does I have your permish then?

  9. Kidnap away, my dear. =]

  10. Yeyyyy XD I'll try and be nice to her, but my Wolfie might not D:

    Does you remember where her hair is from at all?

  11. Annoys me too, when technology plays up.

    I'm protesting about EA don't worry, I'm making siggys for us to use and me and Blazz are dissgusing what to do next.

  12. I feel your pain Fury...before the Sims 3 I knew nothing about CC and was happy, but now that I know I'm pretty sure I would die if someone took all my CC away. ^_^ I really hope you can figure out which mod is whacked up! For me, it was some mod that allowed more than one girl/boy friend (to help with the Have 10 Girlfriends wish).

  13. I hope you get your hacks/mods/cc worked out. Remember to add that dx3 watevathingie to the WA bin too if you haven't already. A few of my sliders and mods weren't working because of that one file thingiemabob ^.^

  14. I never used mods before so tbh i wouldnt have a clue why it done wat ur game did. :S
    Also quick question does anyone kno if the teen pregnancy/marriage mod works ?
    and what is the awsome mod and what does it do????