Friday, 28 May 2010

Best Glitch EVAR

This posted by hippiedippie927 over on the forums today really made me, well...

Gotta love a good roflcopter ;)

P.s.- hippiedippie if you're around, thank you very much for the gift!


  1. Wow. I wish that happened in my game. I would enjoy it much mowr.
    Hey - - have you seen the killing mod at MTS? It's like the same thing as the camera, except you use a gun and point it at a Sim! I was amazed. Of course it'd be to kill all of those useless NPC's . . .

  2. I've heard of that mod, but I can't find it on MTS... not that I'd be using it *whistles innocently*.
    Anyway, awesome glitch. On, theres a glitch on my account. I got the Recommendations Master badge and I only have 44 recs. I like that glitch, though.

  3. Mm, sadly I can't have that mod because I don't have WA :( Gutted!

  4. Lols, I want Guitar headed sims :D
    One question, where are super Furyreds tomb-raider guns from? I can't seem to find them :/

  5. Here you am: :)

  6. Omg, thank you so much :D

  7. You're welcome, Fury! I have been enjoying Escape to Riverview and felt you deserved that for being the awesome writer that you are!

    That guitar glitch was from a hair I downloaded and I never deleted the hair because I enjoy watching my sim go everywhere with the guitar attached to her! lol!