Tuesday, 18 May 2010


It's a bit scary...

Okay in relation to The Stanford Prison Experiment I've been working on downloading some Sims, but as I said before it's not going too well. So far the only success I've had is in downloading one of Cele's Sims; other than that's it's just been a bunch of fail. Therefore, I think I've come to a bit of decision...

I think I'm going to patch my game.


It's scary alright cause I really don't want my game to die in a fire, but I'll be patching in like a month when I get Ambitions anyways so I guess I might as well get on with it. I'm gonna save everything I need on my external harddrive so if something does go wrong I'll be prepared, but hopefully that wont be the case.

You see, I'm lead to believe that all these problems are supposedly caused by custom content, so if I take my entire mods folder out before I patch then it should be okay right? I was wondering though, do I have to remove all my Sims3pack CC as well? Cause downloading all that again would be a fucking nightmare.

Also, does anyone know how to remove mods completely? Cause obvs if I patch I need to replace my Story Progression mod with the latest version, but I've got to get all of the old one out first.

So yeah, if anyone has and suggestions of help to get me through this terrible time that would be lovely ;)

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with chocolate strawberry luck! I feel really bad...cause whenever I update my game. I do absolutely nothing! I don;t even take my custom content out. Lmfao. >_>

  2. On your sims3 launcher go to installed content there is a litle box that says run without cc click that and there should be a little tick or something in the box this means that all your cc will be removed(it's still in the game just will not show) once you have updated your game/patched it and that, then go back to installed content click on that box again and the tick should dissapear and your cc content will be back in your game only if you have any saved games with sims ith cc clothes hair etc and furniture. you will have to put them back onto them and place the furniture back lol. Hope this helps

  3. i don't know about removing the SP mod, i do know though that when the new one comes out, you can just put that into your packages folder and it'll overwrite the old one since they have the same file names. if you do want to remove it, i would suggest going back to the mod page and see if it says there.

  4. u just go to the mods folder and hit delete then empty the recycle bin