Wednesday, 13 October 2010


As you may know, currently in my legacy I have six possible heirs for the next generation. Six!
They're not all going to make it, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't all have a chance at happiness...

Now, I can't be arsed to create partners for all of them, so I had a thought- what if I got the Sims from you guys? Obviously I have plans for some of my Simmies, but the others will be wanting to get married and have kiddies to carry on the legacy, so if you can provide me with some good genes that would be supah.

A little note though- I do not download Sims from the exchange. I'm not taking that risk. If you'd like to offer me a Sim could you please upload the .Sim file (from My Documents> Electronic Arts> The Sims 3> Saved Sims) to a file hosting site like Mediafire and link me to that. Info about what CC is required would be good as well :)

If you've got designs on your Simmie shacking up with someone specific do let me know.
Here's a recap of their traits and shiz to help you out-

Vegetarian, Good, Genius, Flirty

Insane, Perceptive, Mean Spirited, Schmoozer

Exciteable, Easily Impressed, Ambitious, Natural Cook

Loner, Genius, Grumpy, Charismatic

Good, Angler, Friendly, Clumsy

Brave, Snob, Artistic, Commitment Issues

I'm looking for Young Adults. Please don't freak out at me if your Sim doesn't get chosen.


  1. Hm... I'm about to upload a new sim. I give you a link when she's on the site :)

  2. xDxD Have the heir marry either you or kitty :P

  3. I have plenty of simmies in my studio, if any of them take you fancy just tell me and post the link for their sim.file on mediafire :)

  4. here is one I made last night and she has 192 downloads on the exchange.
    Her name is Aphrodite but no last name. I'm not sure which CC I have because I got from the exchange when I downloaded sims. Sorry.

  5. This is Aiya :

    Her hair is from Peggy, and thats all I know, sowwy :/

    I hope you like her ^-^

  6. I would love to have helped you out. Well I have a few guys on my mediafire account, but they are old and drab and need plenty of tweaking.

    Have fun chosing the sims that'll be left in your Fury little hands ;)


    Got there for pics and a most links to sims in my mediafire. There is one other sims who is in my mediafire but is also in my sims studio, Nevada Winters so for pics go to my studio and here is the mediafire link for Nevada-
    Thanks. Oh and My name on the sims site is Genourosity, but I guess if you went to the thread you figured that out by now.

  8. Naomi Laurence: (To see her face and suchums.) Her mediafire link is here:



    Lipstick and blush are both by MisterFrontbum, But I can only remember the name of the lipstick; (SweetGlo Textured)

    Hope you like her as much as I do :)


  9. "xDxD Have the heir marry either you or kitty :P"
    I second this idea.. shack me up with Tristan, bebeh! you know you want to!

  10. Give Regan to Mr. Gropie No downloading needed ;)

  11. Here you go
    Miss Emily Carlisle.
    You can give her to anybody, just make sure the kids are cuties :)

  12. Hey Fury!
    So I'd reeeally like my SimSelf to be part of your legacy. But you would have to download her from the sims 3 exchange. Not to worry, she is totally CC free, and she wont cause any glitches or sim spazziness :)

    Let me know if you want her and I'll give you the link

  13. One more thing,
    You might want to give her a new name in CAS, Because right now it's just 'Sim Tintastic' because I didn't want my real name all over the web.

  14. Well Fury, you're in luck! I just made a lovely sim based off a fashion model. All the pictures, the download and links to the CC are right there. c:

  15. Yay! I have just the girl. She is in fact my simself, I'll give you the exchange link for her pictures.
    And her cc, hmm.
    I think her everyday dress is from Lianasims, I'm not sure though. Her formal dress is from MTS by Anubis under the sun. Her pj nightie is something that came with one of the sims I dl'd, so it's transferable. Her athletic gear is again transferable. And her togs (swimsuit to those non-aussies) are also transferable, they're just a mesh edit of the EA plunge swimsuit.
    Her hair is from Anubis Under the Sun, a retexture of a free Peggy hair.
    Btw you may want to set her up with Tristan, seeing as they're both geniuses an all. But I'm fine with any of the guys, they're all gorgeous. (and here's a plus: she's a redhead! keep the gene alive)
    Oops, almost forgot. Her last name is just L, and her first name is Grace. You can change her clothes to whatever you want.

  16. Thanks for all the Sims guise, and special thanks to those who provided pics- I forgot to ask :P

    Kitty *slaps paws away* What have I told you about touching up my Tristan? I know the picture was an incentive, but still. And shame on you Evergreen for encouraging her! Although... myself marrying Tristan? Mmmm...

    Oh and yanno you has a boyfriend in my game already Kitty, and it's someone who's part of the family tree. You can find out who next chapter ;)

    Yanno Westie I did initially think of Gropie, but I don't think he's suited to Regan as she's shy and he's, well, Gropie. I'm sure he'll come in useful in the future though :P

  17. I don't know when you went to my link, but I put Emily on 4shared about two hours ago. It's at the same blog link provided above :)

  18. Any of these YAs I made for GoS's monthly challenges would make interesting genetic combos with your kiddies I think (all CC, photos and downloads in the links):

    Dazzle, Adrianna, Simon

    Crimson (my favourite), Macy, Merlot, Si, Moss

  19. I'd love to!
    But I just realized I need to like, upload her to mediafire. I'll git on it in a few minutes. Randomly hand her to some guy by the way, I do not care.

  20. XD I know. His traits do not fit him at all. :P

    Make him a family friend instead.

  21. <- For the picture of the sims (Diet Dr. and Demeter Admiral) <- Demeter <- Diet

  22. Steal my Katniss. I know you don't know those books, but she's hot, and on Mediafire.
    She can deal with any of them, and you can change her name, I don't care. =D
    If I could upload Somber, you could have her, but my Launcher won't let me reinstall her. So forks to that. D:

  23. And all CC credits and Mediafire linkages are on my blog. :D

  24. I give you.....

    MYSELF! xD
    CC here:

    Oh and him too (But I'm more awesome ;D):
    CC List: (I had to rename the file so Media fire would accept it, I was going to post up Carbon, but I forgot to save her to my bin apparently xD)

  25. MeEeEeEeee! You can have me if you want. Mew (Just Mew is fine, or Amy, whichever is more fun.) And give me whatever hair style/clothes you feel like. Her face is my avatar <-- (No other pictures available yet...)
    Hope you consider me as an option (for Tristan...)

  26. :O please tell me I'm not too late :3 I just made this sim today and I really love how she turned out...if you pick her, you pick her mate I'd just be happy to see her babies with one of your boys! Here she is Sasha Isilo She's supposed to look italian ¬.¬ not sure if I pulled that off.

  27. oops sorry I believe you have her hair and her top and shorts are from lianasims...dont believe I have any other cc on her

  28. Here are two guy sims of mine you may or may not be interested in.



  29. I have a sim for you I think she would be a good match for Tristan (but maybe that's because he's quite hot pixel man :p) She's a fun one to play.
    Download link:
    Hair: I know you already have this one...
    Eyes: Heiret
    Shorts: Liana I think but I believe they transfer
    Eye Makeup: I want to say Lady Frontbum but just give her any brightly colored eyeshadow.

    So have fun with her if you pick ;)

  30. Woah, you've got a lot of potentials there. Good luck picking someone!

  31. Hi Fury!
    I have 3 potential suitors for Luca (Or any of the others. I don’t really mind) *Hugs Luca*
    First up is my simself, Amelia Hawke
    Second up is my simself's daughter, Nicola Jones-Hawke (She's my favourite. So pretty!)
    Lastly, there is me Legacy founder, Amelie Valois, who is a modified version of my simself
    I hope you like them! It would be awesome to see them in your game, even if they don't make it into the Legacy :)

  32. Sorry! i forgot to log in. You can view them more easily on my blog:

  33. when i heard that you were looking for sims i knew i had to put Pandora in for a chance so i finally made a media fire account :D she was born in game so i hope you like her! i got all the cc from mod the sims and the sims resource

  34. (continuation) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    sorry i forgot to say that you can see pics of Pandora on my sims 3 account my username name is AislingB

  35. Amy Rock
    (that pic is after her makeover)

  36. And btw CC list :)

  37. How do you make your sims so sexeh?

  38. Here's my sim. If you need to, I'll give you the cc links. :) I've got two female sims, here's the first one:

    So sorry there aren't any pictures. They can be married to either child. :)

  39. Her name is Prickle
    Hair -

    Dress -

    Wings -

    Skin -

    Costume Make-up -
    I think it might be TSR :/ Not sure

  40. Sorry couldn't upload her to medifire (or anywhere else) cause' I couldn't find her .sim file :/

  41. Nvm! (Sorry for the many "comments") Here is Prickle in .sim file:

  42. Yeah, CC helps, but I can only make pretty girls, no men :'(

  43. Hi. I wana show you my sim. maybe u will like her:) CC is from Anubis blog(hair and cloth) and make up is from MTS will link later if u like her
    Here is the pictures about her. in CAS and in game.
    Hope u like her. She is my sister in rl and made the sim about her look. :)
    here is the link for the pictures -->

  44. I've got a male spouse now! :) Only one. So I have two female spouses and one male.

    Sorry again there aren't pictures. :|
    I also am not sure if I have traits for this one, If I don't then the traits can be out of these ( you can choose ) : Vegetarian, Angler, Innapropiate, Good sense of humour, Business Man or any other Ambition trait, Daredevil,Couch Potato, Coward, Slob or Hates the outdoors. :)

  45. Bradley1018

    Okay here is a Sim that I made recently


    Pictures/Custom Content Links:

    Traits: Slob
    Good Sense of Humor
    Party Animal

    Young Adult Enjoy:D

  46. Bradley1018

    Sorry, forgot to say the one you're looking at is Aschen Dai

  47. Woah! That is a lot of sims XP
    Good luck! All your simmies are awesome :D

  48. I hope it's not too late but I have one last sim for you


  49. I was just wondering Fury if we could meet up somewhere and maybe have ***.
    My name's Amy by the way. Give me your number!