Sunday, 5 September 2010


I've been kidnapped, I've got insane hair and weird ears, and I'm being first-named all over the place.
Explain yourselves Mares!

On the plus side though, JD- wheeeeee.

But I doubt I'll get a nice ice and a slice on that island...


  1. Anno right? I was thinking, 'Fuzzball Kitteh won't be happy when she sees herself in such unclassy hair!'
    And yesss, 'unclassy' is a word . . . ;)

  2. Atleast you have alcohol and The Doctor, right? XD
    I gots a confession, aswell... I saw Laura and thought "who the fuck is Laura?!!".... then 'membered it was you >_< Blonde moment!
    Usernames/Pseudonyms are powerful things, my friend! Or more likely: i'm just a dipshit XD


  3. Oh Randy, you plonker. :)

    But thats why we love you. :D

  4. Well maybe i'll continue to be a dipshit then =D Seems to be working for meh, no? ;)

  5. Yep Randy it's confusing. I don't like it when people use my real name... >_< I've removed it from my profile and everyfink :P

  6. I don't mind people using my real name, the same as i don't mind calling people by their real name (on teh internetz, obviously =P) but its definately a lot easier when everyone is just known as their screen-names, Yanno? XD
    Its gotten to the stage now, where i have a cheat-sheet next to the compy >_<

  7. :D Well, I started off being called Abby, but I don't care which one you choose. ;) But you can't call me Cabbage.(Summer has copyrights.)

  8. Try having different usernames for different places, I keep forgetting which one I am where, it's like internet amnesia.

  9. ...and this is exactly why I wont tell anybody my real name is Gretchen.