Monday, 27 September 2010


I'm getting quite hacked off now...

As you may know, I'm always quite skeptical when it comes to patching my game, and this is made even worse when my worries end up being founded. When I was playing Barnacle Bay it was all good- no weirdness that I can remember. Now however when playing my legacy game I'm having uber problems. I've been attempting to play my game since about 6pm, and I've already had at least five crash-to-desktops. What the fudge is going on?

I went back to my olde preventative methods from when I had my shit computer, i.e.- saving every ten minutes. But apparently the demons in my game are too strong for me now, because twice it's crashed whilst it was in the middle of saving.

I'm about ready to pull my hair out in frustration.
Imma have some white chocolate Toblerone to make myself feel better...


  1. "you said my blog name!!"

    Awww poor you! I get that a lot. It really ticks me off :(
    Have a virtual chocolate cake to make ya feel better :D

  2. ^
    |-----| < Your nommy cake :D

  3. curse you, evil crash demons! a pox on you

  4. Oooh . . . crap . . .
    I just patched yesterday, since you did :(
    I thought it was okay . . . well, it was working when I played, so I might be alright. I used to patch all the time, and I never had a problem.
    *crosses fingers and toes*

  5. Well I now have error code 12 and everyfink :( Hopefully things work out better for your game Abby... I'm about to kill mine >: (

  6. I had error code twelve once... worst two days of my simming life! It deleted my legacy and all, thankfully I recovered it on another user, otherwise it'd have been doomed. I didn't patch yet, not even since the whole balony on fast lane came. I'm a little scared for myself when I plan on getting late night now.>;O Don't kill your game yet Fury! Maybe there's a way to save it...

  7. Do you use the CFF Explorer fix? You have to if not. It's the best thing ever for code 12s and crashing.

  8. Oh, and I forgot to mention, you need to do it after every patch and EP/SP install because patching rewrites the file.

  9. Ahhh I've done that before- I didn't know I had to do it after every patch. Thanks Rad! :D

  10. Omg My Game Keeps Crashing Too... Like Everytime I Go Into Game Mode It Crashes To The Desktop >:l
    here's a bunny for you so you're not as stressed out

  11. I LOVES tobelerone! Yummmmmm...


  12. I've figured it out and all that shizz. EA sent us messages about it; you have to redownload barnacle bay because that's been fixed and apparently the original was a little too big. The problem is, barnacle bay works just fine with you, it's just that the other towns have been glotched. So I don't get that one yet.

  13. same thing happens to me...after I installed patch 14 or something...Hate it!!!

    Chocolate :P

  14. oh, and sorry bout your game...

  15. Ah, Fury. My computer always crashes. ALWAYS! it seems those like you and I are going to just have to deal with it, eh? The Sims 3 is a PC killer, I had a brilliant PC, got Sims 3 and now my computer is in the garage, DEAD! WAAAAA