Saturday, 11 September 2010

Game For A Little Picture Spam?

These be pics from my legacy game, but I'm not about to give anyfink away story-wise. Instead, this is about the new legacy house.

Now I'm not really one for building; every so often in my legacy circumstance will require a house, but generally I wont bother. I'm not very good at it :P

This house though I'm quite proud of. I think the shiny graphics help ;D

It's not fully finished because, as is custom for my legacy, my Sims never have quite enough money to get anything done. It's a work in progress yanno.

We're gonna start the tour with the backdoor because it's one of the aspects that took the most work. Can you tell why? This house is on a foundation, but the door isn't... *SHOCK HORROR*

I miss split levels- they were like my favourite aspect of building in Sims 2 cause I like my weird up and down houses. It sucks that we don't have that option in Sims 3, but with a little cheating it does become possible.

The back door of the building leads to a small foyer, and then sliding glass doors take you into the main portion of the house.

There's also a side door in the foyer that leads down to the basement.

Round to the front of the house now and this is the main hallway which I rather likes.

Mm, like I said- work in progress. This house will really come into its own with some nice clutter methinks.

This is the, I don't know, chillax room and the end of the hallway.

It overlooks the swimming pool, which is my favourite room in the house.

Nice seating area to have a glass of rosé and toffee waffle in... ;)

This bit is kind of incomplete. Y'see, the reason I've been after the Asian Fusion set from The Store recently is because I want the bamboo plant to fit in this window section, but I'm not buying 1000 Simpoints to get something for 25 : /

Edit- thanks very much Bitten for the giftage ^_^ Loves you too, and I haven't forgotten about that surprise I mentioned ;)

This is another part of the build that took a bit of time cause, as you can see, there's a foundation around the pool but not at the end where the windows are.

I loves the constrainfloorelevation cheat- it makes me warm.

On to the kitchen now- a nice clean space with one of RD's murals to brighten up the room.

And of course there's a marvellous view of the pool on the one side (and some fruit for your five a day).

Utility room, also in need of clutter. I need more paintings too- I'm sadly lacking.

Formal dining room with plenty of seating for future generations.

And again some more of RD's pretty murals.

I love this room ^_^ It's the guest bathroom.

And this here is the main bathroom.

Upstairs bathroom number one.

And the other one. With eight Sims currently living in the household I need this, though to be honest the Sims get so glitchy and stuck I just tend to drag their needs up >: /

The only mostly decorated bedroom- Cassidy's room.

And its adjacent living area.

That about concludes the tour! There's a bunch more rooms but as I said they're not finished, boo. Still, it'll give my Sims something to do over the next eight generations.

Now, you may think there was a point to me showing you all this, like maybe I'm putting the house up for download or summink? Well no, you're wrong, you can't have it, it's MINE.

I've used a bunch of store content as well as tonnes of custom, and I really can't be arsed making a massive list of it all so people can enjoy the house properly. Howevers, if you don't care about that and you just want the shell of it to decorate yourself then I can do that, though there are a good few store windows and one set is custom.

Something you can have though is this...

Mort Moissoneuse and Wolfie Schneider are yours to enjoy forevar.
Be good to them (well, to Mort at least).


  1. Boo-frickin-hoo I don't give a crap about the content GIVE ME THAT HOUSE.


  3. HOLYSHITINABUCKET THAT HOUSE IS AMAZING. Wolfie and Mort are great and all, but I'd quite like that house...

  4. Yeah! Just thank all the creators in one!

  5. omg I want that house!
    Are you going to upload it? please? :)

  6. The house is sexier than Mort and Wolfie combined. . .

  7. Please Fury can you upload the house?
    I don't care about the store or custom sets, even if there was no furniture at all I'd still want that house!

  8. yeah Fury, upload that house!
    You don't have to make a list of all the custom stuff, as you can tell from the comments, all people want is the structure of that house!

  9. You don't have to make a list of all the custom stuff, everyone just wants the structure of that house

  10. OMG me lurves the house!
    Cassidy is gonna make it his evil mansion, aye? Uhh, I can already imagine it....

  11. How can you say that you aren't good at making houses? You are clearly fantastic at making houses.

    I hope you don't mind me downloading the house. I wont use it in any of my stories!

  12. Well, if you actually put the house on the exchange.

  13. Have you considered architecture?

  14. :) You're great at decorating.


  15. could you kindly put Mort on mediafire? Bellamy also? Sims 3 isn't working right for me lately :(
    thank you!

  16. I love the house, but I'm also glad you finally uploaded Wolfie and Mort. I think they need to be in my town.

  17. That house it so shinny! Tehe. Elly246 like shine-shine!

  18. Please upload it, I'll fricking die if you don't. GAH-HA, i'm fealing the grim creaping behind me already. *tries not to crack up*. GAH!

  19. Random wants the pool room D:

    Very cool! How can you say you're rubbish at making houses, is beyond meh =P

  20. Well, this would be where I now pull out some pics of the awful houses I used to build, but sadly they're lost to the depths of ye olde computer :/ You'll just have to take my word for it :P

    Like most things in Simland I've come a long way, and I do think my houses are quite pretty on the insides now, I just always think the exterior looks shitting dull. That's the one thing I suck dick at- landscaping and general making the house look something other than boxlike. I do enjoy the interior decoratingness though ;D

    Glad you like the pool room Rand-o ;) Mebbe I'll get my Simmies to invite you round for a dip sometime.

    With regards to uploading the house... YOU CAN'T HAVE IT. Yet. I may put out a couple chapters of t<3FL yet- make you all jealous first, BAHAHA!

    I won't be uploading it to crapass anyways, just good olde Mediafire.

    Watch this space :)

  21. Nice house :) Have fun w/ it!

  22. Heeeyyyy! *becomes increasingly jealous of house making skillz*

  23. Ah look at what you did with the murals! So creative. I keep reading from people that they don't know what to do with them and I'm like you just have to be a savvy decorator.

    I'm really diggin that pool area too! Lookin forward to what shakes out with the new legacy story.

  24. fury, no one wants the stupid ugly looking characters of the legacy, we all just want that house!

  25. Auschick4 here! And...
    Me. Wants. House. NAO.

  26. Where did you get all the CC? I NEED it!


  27. Your houses remind me of when I first started making sims, they used to get less then 30 downloads in a year to now where my sims get about 70 downloads on the first day.