Thursday, 9 September 2010

Seeing Green

Hello children. Today I bring you EA's lessons on custom content making or, as they call it- content.

This collection of goodies looks nice enough doesn't it? No wonky meshes or monster-making errors that I can see. Ah, but there is just one problem...

It isn't fucking fully CASTable!

Can you believe that in this day and age of Sims 3, EA would release items that aren't even completely CASTable? Well, actually you probably can...

This is taking the piss a bit though because all these items are from The Store, so people are paying money for this crap. What's more, I think the creators have a personal vendetta against me...

You know what I hate? The colour green. I fucking hate it. You know what the main unchangeable element of these items is? THE COLOUR GREEN. It's a conspiracy I tell you >: (

On this light you can change the colour of the moon but not the stars and the little fairy gal. WHY? Seriously, why? What half-arsed moron decided to work on making part of the content decent, and then just thought 'fuck it, no one will care if it isn't completed properly!'

The real shame of it all though is this gorgeous light fixture from the Haute Hip set, which I spent my hard-earned (lol) Simpoints on. It's fully castable, except for the fucking green bit!

I realise that, for most of you, the odd unchangeable part wont make much of a difference, but for me it means there's a whole load of items that I can no longer use, cause I can't make them all matchy-matchy with everything else. I'm only glad that all the store content I have is giftage, otherwise I'd be even more annoyed.

But you know what, that's not even the fucking point. What did it say on the box for The Sims 3? 'Customise Everything'.

'Customise EVERYTHING'.

Oh, but then we bought the game and found out that actually that wasn't true, because you couldn't CAST fences or stairs or railings or gates. Nice. Now with this store item issue it's just another example of them saying one thing and doing another, and it's nothing new I know but it doesn't make it any less irritating.

A lot of people are paying money for store items, so if they're not fully CASTable it should fucking well say so in the description.

Oh, and on another subject that's only half related- what the fuck is this all about? How can EA charge for this?! Maybe I'm just crazy, but all the towels in my house aren't made out of fucking alluminum. I guess EA must be really hot for that static shock feeling.

So yeah. If you too are hacked off by the lack of CAST I'd stay away from the Castle Interior set cause that's the main culprit :/

In other set news... I really want the BahHaus one, so much so that I've even been toying with the idea of buying Simpoints just to get it (crazy I know). Howevers, it'd cost me £14 to buy the Simpoints to get it, and it's just not worth it.

I realise you can get it from MATY, but I had a look around on there and it didn't pan out- links not working and the like. So, if any of you have a reputable source, or if you'd just like to email me a copy of the file (and Asian Fusion if poss), I'd very much appreciate it. *bats eyelashes* :)

Also, I'm leaning towards buying High End Loft Stuffs, but I'm unsure. For Sims 2 me and a friend used to just buy half of the expansion and stuff packs each and trade over, but his lack of computer leaves him Simless and me on my own :( Is HELS worth the eight English pounds it would cost me?

Thanks to all. Ta-rah!


  1. I wouldn't get HELS, the hair is shit looking, and so are the clothes. The furniture is alright, but it's just a bed, or a sofa more. And how come it costs £14 for simpoints? I get them from HMV for £6! And yeah, I guess EA are arseholes in the end. Oh, and if you want Simpoints you could do something like say 'If you get me such and such a set, I'll mention your name in the next chapter of my legacy', or something like that. Anyway, have a nice green day. ;)-Upp4

  2. Wow... Thats disgraceful. On that topic, and item from the Romanza Bridal Party set called Never the Bride shows up as maternity wear... When are they gonna learn?


  3. Well the set is 1350 Simpoints so I'd have to buy 2000 to get it, and that's £14 :/

    I didn't even know HELS came with hair and clothes, cause I definitely wouldn't want them. I'm just after some new furniture and build items.

  4. Wow,EA really failed this time, "Customise Everything!" more like "Customise everything execpt our shit that we were too lazy to make everything CAStable -insert cheesy smile here- and yes we do use alluminum towels because we like the way it feels against our fat asses." But atleast some of there stuff is nice.( and I hate the colour green too,blech.)I never got HELS,its really your choice but I`m not gonna get it any time ,Im fine with all my CC,like I said, its all your choice.

  5. The lighting fixtures in HELS are set to a bluish green color. I bought it for the electric guitar fishtank and bed of love.

  6. You forgot how all of the flowers in the Romanza Bridal Party are not recolorable so every wedding using those flowers are stuck with pink flowers. Which kinda of really sucks when you do legacy wedding pictures for you legacy story and every generation will have pink flowers at their wedding.

  7. I enjoyed HELS, but like Westie said, the lighting sticks with bluish green which is annoying. Wish you could change the color of the lighting, that's the only bad part for me. The bathtub.......OMG I would kill to have a bathtub like that IRL. *drool*

  8. Lol, it is actually all about the bathtub- I saw a picture of it and immediately fell in lust :P

  9. High End Lofts furnature is awesome, the clothes are major weird (except a few) and dont get me started on the hair -_-

  10. Muh . . muh blog is green. :( I was planning on changing the layout to darker colors though . . . yanno, like turquoise and black or summat. Or mebbe I'll steal some purples from Randroid.
    I have HELS . . . but I hate it. All I wanted was the bathtub and the rest is kinda crappish. I wish I could send it to you, because I would. I don't want it.

    Also . . . I didn't sign in because I shouldn't be using the office compizzles to talk to you. >.> **shame**

  11. I get loads of store stuff from MATY and it's been fine most of the time. A few things haven't worked out but *shrug*.

    Stuff packs are cheaper than the store points, generally, but that's not hard.

    I actually like HELS and use a lot of the stuff from it in my game but not everyone's impressed with it, so don't take my word as gospel. Mare's didn't like it much. I like pretty much all the furnishings in it. Is it worth the £6-£7? Nope, but it's more worth it than £6-£7 of simpoints would get you at the store.

    Here are my sims trying out a few of the items:

    I really love the corner bath, too, and some of the clothes and hair are nice. I really like the lights in the stuff pack as well.

    In this post the ones above the exercise equipment are probably my favourite, as they're animated:

    There's a few bits of HELS furniture in this post too

    I probably have more shots on my external hard drive somewhere if you're really interested in what it looks like.

    I just got Fast Lane stuff but my computer's off after HP broke it while they were fixing something else. SIGH, can't wait to see what they break next. Anyway, that looks to have more items than HELS but I don't think they look as nice.

  12. Also: you can change all of the lighting colours in HELS but you need to click on the light in game (not CAST) and 'set color' to whatever you want it to be, as with any of the in-game lights.

  13. I got HELS, and I liked it... for awhile. I want Fast Lane stuff, but yanno, cars = <3.

    I've also gotten a few packs from the store, (showing how strong the pound is to the dollar... seven pounds for you, twenty dollars for me!) and I've liked the ones I've gotten. Hacienda Luxury, Asian Fusion, and Animals Abound. I think you have some of those though...

    Although my favourite is the Faire Folk one. Mostly because it has a fairy dress thing for guys.

    Picture this: Awsome Camden, (Luffs him, Favourite!), his empress of evil wifey, his son, all dressed up ganster style, and then his OTHER son skipping along in a fairy dress. When I could see through the tears of laughter, I laughed again.


  14. HELS cost like $20 in the U.S...God our dollar sucks =(

  15. Ohmygod I just snorted with laughter XD Thanks for the great mental image anon!

  16. EA sucks Fury, their content sucks too. Okay not all of it, but CC is sooo much better. Their are creators out their that kicks EA's arse all through dirt then makes them eat it...

    There are some things you could find out in CC-Land that looks like a double to EA's content, but better.

    Now don't get me going on a ramble about how EA's worlds suck to some of our Community world creators.

  17. fury juust wondering whats ur email because i cna email u the file for that store cotenet if ya like :)

  18. If you go to my Blogger profile my email address is thar :)

  19. HELS isn't really that good, i dont really use it anymore after the first two weeks or something.
    And the the clothing and stuff for it is just really really really really suckish

  20. Fury did you get the Asian Fusion File yet? Because If not i'd be happy to email it to you. Those aluminum towels actually look freaky looking! Also did you get the loud fast clash bedroom set I gifted you? (it came from onendonliyazzie)

  21. I got the Clash set yes, thanks so much for that it's really cool XD

    I have a lead on free store stuffs... hopefully that'll work out :)