Thursday, 16 September 2010

Declaration of War (not really)

Mares... you are dead to me now.

Just joshing!

In all seriousness though I must say, regarding this I'm not at all surprised, but very I'm disappointed. In my last post I suggested that, should you have any reply, could you perhaps email me- keep things on the down-low and civil like, but no- you had to kick up a fuss didn't you? I thought calm words between allies could be had without escalation, but apparently you don't take the opinions of others on board unless they completely co-align with yours. This is very sad.

Now I'm not about to reply in the same kind of style of your post- nitpicking every little word and attempting to retort, whilst actually going off on a massive tangent about nothing at all. What I will do though is point out a few errors for your records:

WindsorErick did not send me the Jess screenshots. When he PM'd me it was on Kelle's chatbox, not via email, so he couldn't have sent me anything. And with regards to who actually did send me them... Now, once again I now find myself not wanting to reveal something for fear of the consequences it might cause others, but you know what? I don't give a shit what reasons you think I have for not unveiling all; the simple matter of the fact is that I do so because I don't want to cause unnecessary stress to people who don't deserve it. The person who sent me the screenshots knows who they are, but you don't and I'm very glad of that- I wouldn't like to see you unleash your venom on them also.

Oh, and Jess's posts on the PP forum that led to her leaving did not, as you say, make me 'lose my temper'. I don't think I once commented anywhere on that incident, because what made me lose my patience was not her- it was you. You and your consistent pats on the back for a royal pain in the arse, when you've hanged people on your blog for less.

I never once said WE and Jess were the same, but they're certainly not much different. I'm sure that Jess didn't always mean to cause upset, but does mean that she shouldn't feel repentant for any conflict she did cause?
You seem to treat WindsorErick with such contempt, but I must have missed the part when he burnt a dozen babies at the stake- what else could make you so furious with him? Oh, and I guess I was horribly out of line when I said 'I know you have a history with them but perhaps, through impeccable behaviour in the future, you can turn it around', because apparently you're as unrelenting and unwilling to forget as five hundred fifty-stone elephants.

But anyways, I don't want to get myself into some sort of pointless slanging match, you arrogant, unapologetic, over-sensitive ice queens, because I'd like to get this next bit out without spitting too much bile.

When I read this, I must admit I did laugh so much I might have wet myself a little:

Okay, so I'm a bad sort for not getting involved in the Kelle/VidKid fallout right? Would that be the one that happened when I was on holiday, you fucking morons.

From July 9th - 12th I was in a bloody field, and no more able to post about anything than the fucking sheep in the field next to me. Are you seriously blaming me for not taking a part in something which I wasn't even there to witness?

And finally there's this:

Yeah... when exactly did I say any of that? What I said, time and again, was that I wasn't revealing who it was cause I didn't want to get unduly involved- the whole I did it cause I hate Jessamine schtick is entirely in your heads I'm afraid. And, hey, cause I'm kind, here's a nice bit of 'evidence' that you love so much:

It's an email I sent to Randomspirit at the time. Not laughing at Jess cause I knew who it was. Not deciding to keep schtum cause I wanted her to suffer. Nope, just worrying about someone potentially receiving unwarranted abuse. That's all.

Oh, and there was only one ' hastily scrubbed' post, not several, and it was me trying to help you out by confirming your suspicions about someone's IP, which I later got rid of because- with me assuming you'd read it- it had served its purpose.

I suggest you file all this away in your 'we were mistaken' collection- it must be getting pretty hefty by now right?


  1. Ok... now i think I'VE wet myself XD
    Who new "war" could bring such laughter, eh?

  2. *Bangs plastic yellow toy hammer on Randy's head(you make a great gavel my dear).*

    Is that your final statement for this day in court?

    *Yes your honor.*

    Court will continue when I wake up. Have a nice night. *Leaves with Phillip, my hot pink penguin.*

    Dang, I love playing judge.

    About the actual subject of all this, you bring out very interesting organized info, still coming across beautifully and keeping your flair. Mare's also has valued opinions, and at least they cover the whole of it(gave me a headache to read though it's just me). Also, they may jump to conclusions, as all snoopie people do but many a time have they come up with the right anwsers. I(though this might be a stupid idea :P) would like to see this all plan out.

    Jury, go get me a popsicle.

  3. I needed to condense that didn't I? ^

  4. Haha, I know who Darcey really is! xD

    This whole thing is just odd. I didn't want to post it on my blog because I didn't want to stir up drama and get other people involved who weren't involved.

    I mean, c'mon. When you post "So and so is so awful for doing this!" The readers are then going to post again and start a shit fight or go to their blog and flame them when they had no right to. D:<

    Remember when the Sims was stress free? xD I feel like I have to take a trip to the Hookah bar once a week to get the thoughts out of my head. xD

  5. I understand why you did that whole thing so it wasn't bottled up and people tell you "I'm not getting into this". I love that you did it though fury it means you have spunk.

  6. sorry I'm commenting on almost all your posts I just love your blog!!!

    Any way fury I think this post and the last one shows you are an exillent writer and I think you should be a journalist (just a suggestion and but not if you already are<3)

    Luv Pinkwolf

  7. I know for a definate fact that who sent me my screens was not the same person as yours.
    so the Mares were wrong about that.
    An Mares if yous read this, that statement was not bashing.

  8. Um, the mares are acting like total asswipes. At the rate they're going (so far), I don't think they're worth the trouble. They're morphing into Jarsie or something, IDK. JMO. Sorry to keep stalking. I'll play my sims now, and stay outta this.

    I promise.... :P

  9. Yeah sorry but the Mares really need to get a life! I would've drawn the line ages ago, and not have brought it up!

  10. Ok, other than I must admit this is all too much drama over one stupid game, you don't like the mares!!? Omg, this I did not see coming! Well, from liking them so much before and now this, wow.