Monday, 27 September 2010

Love Hearts

So I've just been into my legacy game- first time Simming with my new wirelessnessness, which was hampered slightly by my cat's desire to sit on my lap at all costs- even if it meant me balancing the keyboard on her head as she attempted to sleep...

Anyways, you'll be pleased to know that the new chapter of The Heart Family Legacy is a-go. Not til tomorrow mind, so don't get too excited- but it is coming (well, it's 1am, so it'll be today, just much later today... it'll be after I've at least had a sleep, pretty much).

Some of you are probably wondering what has caused the delay in its release, and quite simply it was because I just found some other things I'd rather do than Sim or write for a while. Shocking I knows. Yesterdae though I was checking on the Heart Legacy blog, and after reading all the loverly comments people had left me, I suddenly felt the urge to crack on with the legacy just take over me like a sexy disease. Well, that and the fact that the whole copy/paste issue that takes up most of my time when organising the pictures is now much, much easier, due to my awesome wireless mouse with shortcut buttons. I'm in geeker heaven right now ^_^

Anyways, to the sometime point of this post. After fannying about with the pics for a while I had the real want to play my game again, so off I went into Twinbrook to catch up on the Heart household. Whilst I was there though I came across something very strange...

In between the last time I played my game and now I've patched, so I can only assume that's what caused it. And now before you go 'arrrrggghhhh has something gone wrong is the legacy ruined?', fear not- the weird occurance is actually something good for a change.

Has anyone ever seen this before?

Now maybe this is just me; maybe this was all in the smallprint and I missed it, but if not- what is it? What, we now have levels of attraction back in the game? Is this like a precursor to Late Night?

Whatever it is, it's cool :D

HOLY COW! After typing all this I finally just clicked what it is. My bloody mods of course *slaps self* That was the other thing I changed when I patched my game- I updated my mods.

This is just more excellence by Twallan. 
Pah, and here was me thinking EA had actually added something we'd been asking for. How silly am I?

...Don't answer that.


  1. C: Squee! *Downloads*

  2. I really was hoping it was the new patch. D:

  3. I might have to look into that one.... ^_^

    I'm glad you're liking the new mouse! I need to go back through your posts and see which one it is again. I wanna be in geek heaven too... xD

  4. Do you have to have any other of their mods? cause its making my computer stop loading sims and such.