Thursday, 16 September 2010

And The Bitch Goes On, And On, And On...


I had a feeling you were going to do this actually- pick up on one point I made and bend it to your will. As I said in my original post- 'if you have anything further to say on the matter feel free to leave a comment or email me'. I didn't demand that you only email me in private at all- you could have quite easily made your feelings known in a very public way on my blog without making a massive deal about it- resorting in the type and back of forth we're experiencing now. Believe me, if I could just contact you I would have much rather done it that way, but I can't- we don't have PM on the forums as you know, and I can't send you a gift with a message cause I don't have Simpoints, and I'm not about to buy them for this purpose. And hey, I bet you're just dying to call me a liar now based on the 3000 I received not too long ago, so here's something to stop that mad impulse:

 See- no Simpoints, no way of contacting you.

Also, with regards to that bit you posted- why bring Vidkid into it? She's said herself she doesn't want to be involved so what exactly are you trying to achieve?

Edit- after now seeing Vid's latest post then maybe I should rephrase that... If you didn't want to be involved Vid then just what the fuck do you think you're doing? No one dragged your name into this- only you by choosing to comment on it. If you didn't want to be involved I totally respect that, and I didn't try to pull you into it at all- you did that yourself. Having 'your say' on it is involving yourself. Obviously.

And as for why I didn't contact the Mares privately then you can read what I said above this.


Oh really, once again your only possible defence is calling me a liar. Time and time again I have proven myself to be honest, but nope- apparently the only comeback you have is to try and dirty my name. Nice try. I didn't want to do this, but needs must:

Yeah... that certainly doesn't fucking look like WindsorErick to me.


I think you're the ones who fail to grasp the point here. I was able to bring up the 'whole shooting match from two months ago' because it actually involved me. Not commenting on the Kelle/Vid deal was due to the fact that I wasn't fucking here to witness it, not because I wouldn't have been able to post about it in a timely manner. To this day I have no clue what went on between those two, so how exactly do you expect me to comment on it? Unlike you, I'd rather only post about things I fully understand. As you've proven time and time again in the past, you sometimes have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. Jumping to conclusions will only get you so far.

If your only defence of why you didn't make known your feelings about Jess is 'uh uhh we'll you did the same thing!', you're only proving to your readership just how weak you really are. I know people like you in real life- when confronted about something their only defence is 'yeah well so are you'. It all smacks of 'I know you are, but what am I?' to me, and personally I grew out of that juvenile shit a long time ago.


Might I introduce you to my friend Hate is a pretty damn strong word, one that I think you might just throw around all too freely... I don't hate Jess, I find her annoying, and I fail to see how 'pain in the arse' could be construed as something even remotely akin to hatred.

 In The End

Oh Mares, I'm actually very sorry it had to come to this. The link to my blog is now gone from your page, and I see you took the opportunity to remove Clairezy''s too, hardly surprising considering the way you ripped into her in the past for *shock horror* daring to disagree with you. I guess I should feel happy now that things are all out in the open, because if what you've posted about me in the last few days is really how you feel, I think I'd rather know upfront. Is it that, or is this merely how you defend yourself?

Sometimes the best form of defence isn't attack, it's having the right arguments to back yourself up and being able to do so without resorting to defamation of character. I'm sorry that you don't have that luxury sometimes, but I guess no one's perfect.

I suggest you now take a look at that list of blogs on the side of yours and realise just how few friends you have left. I think though that I know what your reaction is going to be to this- we don't care what people think. Well you know what? I do.

It's all well and good to be strong- to not be afraid to speak your mind- but when it gets to the point when you tear into anyone who doesn't see eye-to-eye with you one hundred percent then that's when your strength becomes your weakness. Is this how you react to people in real life- they say something you don't like and you flip out and remove them from your life? I sincerely hope not. And if that's the case- if you are softer in real life, then why should the internet be any different? The people you meet online are still that- people.

Also, I've just noticed that the main theme of the end of your latest rant to be focused on your favourite subject- WindsorErick. Just so you know, with regards to this: 'what now turns out to be a false confession for reasons still unexplained' I don't think you quite grasp things right. WE did post the anon comments on Jess's blog- he confessed to that- it just wasn't his IP you posted up is all. If you think I'm trying to help him out or something you're very much mistaken- I just wanted people to know that I was telling the truth regarding the IP issue.

You seem to see WE in everything, and the latter part of your post makes me believe that you think I'm in cahoots with him or something? I don't know the kid from Adam, and I'm certainly not about to start up conflict with you on his behalf, no matter what you want to believe. In fact, the only time we ever talked was when we happened to be on Kelle's chatbox at the same time, and he asked me not to reveal his IP.
I will admit though that I was probably mistaken when I said that Jess and WE aren't much different. What I should have added on the end of that was 'to me'. I don't know all of his backstory, so when I said they were similar it was only from my view- that they were both people I had seen cause trouble in the past, probably for entirely different reasons. Maybe if I have some spare time one day I'll read up on what he's done.

Mares, I wish you luck in your future endeavours. Whether you like it or not I'm probably still going to keep reading your posts, because I don't think one argument changes everything. I only hope that, in the future, you can learn to adapt your methods.

When you can count on more than two hands the number of people who are now 'dead to you' then I think you need to start thinking about whether, just maybe, they might be the ones who are really alive.


  1. You wont give up will you! I was in it when you mention my name,Fury. Get over it FFS! I'm tired of this back and forth shit!

  2. When did I mention your name- was it this: 'First it was me and Bitten, with AE learning not to associate with her also, then came a dispute with Vidkid...'

    Was that incorrect, did you not have a dispute with her? I know you did- you posted about it all over your blog as usual. Saying not did not tag you into this fight- not unless you chose to do that yourself.

  3. Well you dont worry about becuz im deleteing everything that has anything to do with this.

  4. Why, ashamed of something? Look Vid I really don't want to get into it with you, so if you'd like to agree with me to just let it slide we can do just that. I have no ill feelings towards you, and I'm sorry if you think I involved you in this- but you should know by now that that was not my intention.

  5. I don't like all this arguing. :(
    I like your blog and I like the Mare's Nest, and it's kinda upsetting to see you both arguing bitterly over something that honestly isn't that important. If you just don't retaliate, then neither will MN and pretty soon all this with be forgotten and we can all get on with our lives. Sound like a good idea?

  6. I agree, and I do want to shut the fuck up. I don't mind people bashing me, but I wont stand for people saying things about me that aren't true and painting them as fact. When that happens I do feel the need to defend myself :)

  7. wow, and i though you and mare's were pretty tight when i first started following your blog way back. i get the feeling that this falling out has been a process in the making for sometime now though.

  8. I'm ashamed of nothing! By saying I'm ashamed of something does not make me want to let it slide! Insted I will post my feeling right here on your blog. You want know how I feel about this. You post did not look like you wanted to just stick up for a friend. You just wanted drag Jess name under the mud and get pat on back telling Mare they were wrong. You are so bent on being right you have to bring up this current drama. You want it to be over, well stop posting about it! Get over yourself! Neither of you are going to agree so SFU! Anyway, when you bring up past shit up, is when you ask for drama! Good luck with that!

  9. Hey, Vidkid, why don't you stop postong about it too? It just might help :)
    I understand that you feel the need to defend yourselves, but there are nicer ways of going about it. Don't bring anyone else into it and say it in a friendly but firm way, so no one can take offense and can sympathise instead of getting annoyed with you for b*tching on others.

  10. ^Well thank you anon for the advice. I'm shock a anon is bein nice to me. 0_0 its rare. ;)

  11. I personally think that something has been bothering the Mare's lately. Probably nothing to do with simming, probably something IRL. Maybe they're letting out out the anger on there. I don't know. It's a possibility. I just hope that I never get caught in this sort of drama...

  12. *thumbs up* thats all i gotta say :)

  13. Welcome to the Dead Club, mate ;)
    Methinks we should all get together and go "haunting" later, Oooooooh! How 'bout it Kelle..? Up for it XD

  14. I think the Mares are acting very immature, their behavior is rude. how they can try to protect one blogger but tear down the next who did nothing wrong is horrible,choosing favorites much?

  15. 'hardly surprising considering the way you ripped into her in the past for *shock horror* daring to disagree with you'

    that comment made my day. this whole post made me want to marry you. and so not just so i can have your awesome shark >.>

    anyways, i'm SURE you read about all the shit with me, and i'd say what's really on my mind about it but that would only strike up more crap (trust me, what i have to say is major fuel) and yea, so uhm, i say everyone just drop it, and if you post something *coughcoughvidkidcoughcough* be PROUD that you posted it, and don't take it down. it's honestly showing weakness, IMO (which by the looks of mares lovers means less than toasted shit on a stick).

    So uhm, I'ma just stop here, before it gets too much. xD

  16. ^Evergreen you dont even have a right to talk to me after what you did, so shut the fuck up! All you do start shit so please go back to your hole and shut up! I can do whatever the fuck I want with my blog! You want me repost it so you can get off on it!? Well that wont happen! You wont get your fun from me! I'm done with this and if Fury wants me to retype what I said, its up to her. Not you! Piss off you little shit!

  17. My goodness, Vid... i can't believe you've just actually said that to somebody O_O

    No matter whats happened between you and Jake... nobody deserves that sort of treatment.
    There was no need for that :/

  18. Vid how was Evergreen talking to you by making a post on Fury's blog? I see your name NOWHERE in that post. That was really mean spiteful and petty what you just wrote and to bring that drama here to Fury's blog is wholly unnecessary. If there is something between you and Evergreen than that's really where it needs to stay. Talking to him like that here with negative and clearly provocative in nature language isn't going to paint you in the best of lights especially since Evergreen isn't baiting you or trying to be petty and hurtful towards you in anyway. And yes I know making my own commnent on it is a slightly contradictoray but it was brought here and I couldn't stop myself.

    And Fury yes welcome to the dead-zone! I will welcome you with open arms. I think it takes someone like you, with such a high standing in this 'wondrous' community of ours to really bring to light what TMN does to people. I've said it as have others and finally experienced it first hand. They will build up and tear down to suit their fancy. It was in their interest to support Jess. She gave them plenty of material. The fights she started and drama she stirred up was never ending. Same with the others that they have aligned themselves with. Not true for all, and use to be less true for most of the people that they "supported" but lately the numbers seem to be dwindling. I haven't read TMN since dying, I just couldn't take the blatant hypocrisy anymore and I would find myself getting worked up and frustrated reading them versus just being entertained. I fully understand you making these posts. I felt so hurt when my name and intentions were completely misconstrued and made to be something they weren't and no apologies were made, it was all my fault of course for waking up and breathing that morning.

    I have to say good on you girl for keeping your head and articulating your point without resorting to the pettiness that others can't keep themselves from. The world is big and their are so many forms of expression, if only more of us would choose to be adults when it comes to disagreements versus children oh what a world this would be. I apologize for my mini-novel. LoL, I had some stuff to say!

  19. Woah Fury, I just noticed the bar on the bottom. LOL

  20. Wait, woah, My comment vanished... xD

  21. Well, RD.

    Jake said "coughvidkidcough" and then proceeded to saying something about the mares lovers, which could have been aimed towards Vid.

    I will agree that it was a bit unnecessary, but I also understand that she's ticked and upset. All she did was rant on her own blog.

  22. It was in no way implied towards Vid, but about people who follow Mares like it's the word of God, and as far as I know, Vid doesn't =/

  23. Thanks for confirming that, but I don't know of anyone around here following TMN in that manner.

  24. Me niether, but it was just a shot in the dark for someone who actually does.

  25. Well I'm sorry Jake. You do start stuff and we did have words, but I guess went overboard. Well I'm done with bloggigng, so goodbye.

  26. I'm just gonna come out and say this.

    A couple of people are bunch of two-faced douchebags.

    Fury can rant all she likes, and get hoops and hollers, but the minute Vid does, she gets attacked.

    Now hold off, because I'm not saying Fury is wrong for ranting, but Vid isn't either. Nobody gives me hell for my rants either, so yes, I'm getting just a little bit sick of people treating different bloggers different ways.

    If I were in Vid's shoes, I'd be cussing out people too, and I'd be just as ticked, because I'll be damned if ANYONE tells me what I can and can't blog. Fury should think the same way, as should Vid, and nobody has business making someone feel inferior because they decided to rant on their own blog.

    I'm taking a break too until this whole mess blows over. This is just a bunch of freeze-dried bullshit.

    Sorry Fury >.<

  27. Tis quite alright dear- you let it out :)

  28. Thank you, hun. I think I'm overdue for some Nancy Drew.

  29. I think we're all due a riva breather. I'm planning some retail therapy for tomorrow ;)

  30. Meh, already had my retail therapy last week, LMAO.

  31. Bite.My.Lip.

    Ow I think I'm bleeding now. I'll think I'll write down my thoughts in one of those letters I'll never send. It will all fall on blind eyes anyways.

    I was doing so good with the no drama thing! LoL, I guess we all fall off the wagon again at some point.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Nevermind. I just gotta say though, that's a crapticle of war you've got there.

  34. All this fighting makes me sad. Can't we all try to get along like semi-resonable adults? I think that everyone here should just step back from this; It's already gone too far. I's very sorry to see anyone attacked like this, be they Fury Vidkid, or The Mares. I think the emotions involved here got way to high, and we all need to remember something. It's just a game. We should be talking about sims, not fighting people on the internet.

  35. Arghhhh! Fury and Vid are my favorite bloggers and I get why they are both . . . But try to look in the other persons shoes, I think eveyone is getting ticked a various people for different reasons. I'm not aiming at anyone! It's not just the bloggers geting ticked because I lurk around blogs and evrything wa Kinda calm and then woosh everybody is yelling at everyone and he we lurkers are just watch helplessly and cringing at every mudsling. If I can see all sides, I think everyone should try atleast. ....... I really don't know how to say what I'm trying to but please can we try to stop bitching at eachother. I'm only speaking forbmyself and my opinion but = tried...

  36. Wow, lots of fighting! I don't have much to say since I play my sims, read Fury's blog, download stuff, and play some more sims! XP I never really have a clue about what's going on(kind of like real life)and half of the time I'm glad. The other half I'm ready to rip peoples' heads off because I don't know what's happening. I'm sure things will be resolved soon, but there will always be that under-lying tension ready to burst. Kind of like a pop bottle you shook up!
    ~Animalsrule11 (from the

  37. TBH,I've been a follower of The Mare's Nest and I'm actually quite p'eed off with them. On quite a few of their posts I agree with what they are saying... but there is no wonder why you have to bulldoze people down. Their latest posts though can only be described in two letters... BS

    Let's hope they stop this mess because they are probably the one's who aggravated the situation, aggravated you and aggravated Vidkid. Let's hope the Mares take notice...

  38. eline wants more blogging :((21 September 2010 at 14:58

    Furyyyy yy yy !
    Blog some more, pliox? For me? <3<3<33<3<3<3

  39. Guyz, please stop arguing! All it's making you look is sad. I'm fine with the occasional," guyz, I'm defending myself here, and only that, but please stop making stuff up about me," but this is too much. Now, can everyone try and get along and enjoy the blog?

    <3 your legacies sooooooo much furyred :)