Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Big Block Of Text In Your Face

Still banned, still emailing, still falling on deaf ears- though as I am the queen of righteous indignation I will not give up.

Assuming my ban is a 72 hour one it'll be up this time tomorrow, but who knows? In the email EA sent informing me of my ban it did not state exactly how long my account was suspended for- perhaps an indication of just how quickly they wanted to rush that sucker out. But as it's temporary for all extensive purposes we can assume I'll be back and Simming tomorrow. Or will I?

With a ban over there's really only one thing to do right- rush back to the forums and announce my return. That's not for me.

It began as a simple gnawing ... has always had its problems, but it recent times they've just seemed that much worse. Then came the 'forum maintenance', and that was the moment most people realised that they didn't much need the forums at all- not like they used to. This ban has kind of been the final straw for me.

There's nothing worse in the world than people acting like complete bastards and getting away with it, but sadly that's all EA ever do. Their customer service is a fucking joke, and unfortunately their game is turning into one too.

But what can you do? It's true of many situations- the only way you can change something is by all standing together, but when we oh-so-easily fall apart it's easier said than done. You want to send the head-honchos a message but what are the options? Boycott the forums, the store, the game? Who would you be spiting except yourself?

Back in the days of Sims 2 I knew nothing of the Sims community, and was just happy chilling on my own playing the game. In discovering the TS3 site I found many things, most of which are great, but of course comes the rot. I'm sick of it, but nothing will change.

There are some great people on the TS3 site- you don't need me to tell you that- but you can't avoid the bad element. We've always had trolls, but somehow the thing that makes my teeth itch is much more basic. Those with more faces than a Rubix cube. Change with the weather, opinions derived from what-she-said. The suck/blow faction; my little Henry Hoovers. Are EA being nice to us today? Ooh let's suck up to 'em good. Oh it's changed now has it? Right, we'll just follow the wind and see where it takes us. It's enough to make you throw up in your mouth a little bit, as RD would say.

Electronic Arts is a business like any other, and you need to remember that. If you start thinking of them as your friends then you're going to get confused when they praise you with one gesture and slap you round the face with another.

But of course we must refrain from striking back. We all know where that leads.

*sigh* You're waiting for the punch of this piece right- the conclusion? There isn't one.
EA spit on us all, but we're the ones bathing in it.
I'm not boycotting the forums- I have too much invested. So do many others.
It's just nice to remind ourselves sometimes that there's so much more.


  1. I understand your frustration a little. While I never wrote stories or posted guides like you do, I used to actually enjoy the forum. I posted on topics I found entertaining and shared my pictures with others.

    That all changed when they started getting ban happy. I still read the forum and I do occasionally post, but more often than not I just skim the topics, peek at a few and move on to the blogs.

    I just find that I have no real desire to participate when it comes to the EA site. As you pointed out, boycotting and the like only hurts you yet it's blatantly obvious that any and all EA employees tasked with customer service or helping players aren't really serious about those aspects of the community.

    It's sad that our frustration and anger means nothing, but I suppose that's a theme of life in general. Doesn't make it any easier to take though.

  2. ah, nothing like a verbal slap in the face to set us straight. unfortunately the people who need it probably won't be around.

  3. EA spit on us? I would of said that they... Ah, never mind.

  4. Fury, did you see what Hydra said in my thread today? Apparently the Forum isn't going to be fixed anytime soon anyway, so there's even LESS reason to stay over there.

    I posted about it in my blog (finally, right?), but you said things even better here. I'm with you 110%.

    The sad thing is that I like going over there and helping people out with game & tech issues when I can. It's sad that people will suffer and questions will go unanswered because people like you who actually HELP and do GOOD are fed up and leaving. But supporting that hellhole of a Forum isn't a good solution either...

    I haven't been this disillusioned with anything in a long time, save for world-crisis BS.

    I said it before, and I'll say it again -- VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!!

  5. Indeedy. The main reason I go over there is to help and shiz too, and as much as I want to now I don't think I can stomach it. Am unbanned and I have no desire whatsoever to smustle all over the forums in joy.

    Gah. Revolution would be nice, but what can we do? Well, what we're doing now I guess ; )

  6. I didn't let up on EA until I got them to admit in writing (well, yeah, duh, it was an email) that my ban was completely unwarranted. They admitted it was an "overreaction" and claimed it would be reflected on my account (why that matters, I have no earthly idea).

    I support you in doing the same. Your ban was complete bullshit, period, q.e.d. Losing someone like me is kind of a 'meh', but you're a very well-respected, helpful, considerate (and funny!) member of the community. It isn't remotely fair that they ass-f*cked you like that. I'm sorry to use that term, but they're bending us over a barrel here, and we don't have to take it.

    Keep on 'em. Unleash the Fury and don't ever let up no matter WHAT. Viva.