Thursday, 1 April 2010


On the forums there's been a recent crop of April Fools 'jokes'. I don't get it- is April Fools meant to be funny?

Is it more of a big thing in America than it is here? I've never been April Fooled in my life, and have never done it to anyone else either. The only thing I can think of is being at school and getting the classic 'hey you dropped your gay card'.

Remember that? : p

Other amazing school memories include 'did you know gullible isn't in the dictionary?' and telling someone that they've got something on the back of their shoe, only to shout 'sailor!' when they tilt their foot to look.

If you're as unimpressed as I am I'd stay away from the forums for today, unless you wish to witness much of the following:

Unfortunately with my particular sense of humor it takes more than just being rickrolled to make me laugh ; )


  1. It might be bigger in America. Everyone I know thinks they are clever on April 1st each year.

    I was just rolling my eyes at some of the forum threads before I came to check out your blog.

    So far the only April Fools joke that's gotten me to laugh is the satirical Twilightification of Garden of Shadows.

  2. I know in America that April Fools goes on all day, not just the morning.

  3. I know, most of the jokes aren't even funny!
    Though the classics are good.

    April Fool = The idiot who's trying to be clever, which seriously isn't.

    Why did they even make this a holiday anyways?

  4. yes here in America its just a DUMB day to do pranks to other pepole its dumb just another day....

  5. I celebrate this ( I'm in Canada).
    But I keep my pranks within my family, because
    April fools royally ticks people off.Those ones are funny.

    It can get fun, or maybe you guys would think it's juvenile and stupid.

    I'll say anyways one year we had put my father's underwear in the back of his car so it would flap in the wind on his way to work.

  6. April Fool's Day is okay if you love playing pranks...I kinda played a funny prank at school. Have you ever glued someone's locker shut? Not peranently of course, just enough to stick for a small amount of time while they stand there yanking and looking stupid. :D It was funny.

    But I do agree, sometimes the pranks are just plain stupid, like those annoying farting cushions or the shocky gum.

  7. The bus driver played one on me today. Told me the bus schedule had been changed, and that the bus didn't go to where i work anymore. I fell for it >_< but then he felt bad, and let me have the ticket under the child price xD Muahahaha!

    Thats the only prank i've ever had played on me, actually. It does seem to be more of an American thing.
    I don't think us Brits really get what all the hype is about. We prefer to have our sarcasm and dry wit =P Lol!

  8. Sarcasm and dry wit ftw!

    Yeah I still don't get it. The whole 'haha I got you' thing just seems mean, and that bus driver is an ass! Howeverz, gluing someone's locker shut does sound funny : p

    I think pranks are fine, but doing them to people you don't know is a bit cruel.

  9. Haha my firend fooled me yesterday. She said she was going to play this huge trick on her other friends, ends up it was me XD

  10. Lol, what did she do to you?

  11. Lasy year at April FOol's day, it just so happened to be the day when I thought I sprained my ankle, so I used crutches at school. Some dumbass guy thought that I was lying so when I returned the next day without crutches, he screamed TOLD YOU in the middle of second period. This year, most of our school ran to the nearby elementary school when the final bell rang. Earlier this year some seniors at my school chopped chopped down 10 trees(2010) thats the dumbest senior prank ever! All the seniors were interrogated tho, so the shiz-faces went to juvie for a month. Bastards deserved it.

    I don't know y, but I suddenly remember that there is this one tree that my bus used to pass that looked like it had boobs. I'm not kidding, ill get a picture when I can. One day im gonna put a bra on it, lol

  12. We play April Fool's jokes on each other at work each year. I'm a nurse so we can have some pretty interesting ones. This year we saved a bunch of the sterile blue sheets off the tops of carts for our pt's in labor and pulled out all of the carts and put sheets underneath them to make it look like there were instruments underneath there and put one in front of every pt room and closed the doors. We then turned off our main monitors (we didn't have any pt's in labor at this time) and told the oncoming shift that the monitoring system was down and we had 11 pts in labor. You should have seen their faces. They looked horrified. We held onto it until someone walked over to the carts and lifted up the side of the sheets and saw there was nothing there. ROFLMAO our shift laughed until we were crying. Luckily they thought it funny too and helped us clean up the mess

  13. @Flutterby: Funny shit. =-D
    @ Anoymous: LOVE your prank! I wanna try!

  14. its a really big thing in america though its really stupid i remember 1 year my mom said i could get a dog on april fools (heads up) and then she said april fools and handed my a fish baggie