Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ohmygod, What An Idiot

You don't like the Mares- we get it- but that's just stupid.


  1. How does a simple logo replacement on base game items muck up one's game?

  2. It doesn't. They just lied. It's the Internet, after all.

  3. Hi FuryRed,

    Yes, we saw it. We've done stuff for forty different sites and no one to date has complained about game problems - not even our friends at Jazz-Hands! :D

    Our guess is that dear Thomas at The Sims Resource has already put his hit squad to work reporting JKTee511 multiple times (they being graduates of the Jihad School Of Customer Service!) for saying ill things about them, and that will be his third 'life' gone already: does seem to get through them fast, doesn't he?

    (You gave two of us your cough, by the way!)

  4. Zomgz it's the Mares! Apologies about the cough- I don't know how it spread to your side- but two of you illed? Well, if you would go kissing each other then I guess transfer of illness is to be expected... ; )

  5. Whoa, an actual reply from the elusive Mares xD Nice one ;)
    And Fury you gave me your damn cough, and stuffs too >_> (no in-your-endo's here, Red. I'll start calling you by your actual name otherwise, Muahahaha! xD)
    Tis an epidemic of Fury-Flu :O Run for your llliiiivvveesss! =P

  6. It doesn't. They just lied. It's the Internet, after all.


    I was sarcastic. :P

  7. ^^ @ Person above:
    Sorry, sarcasm doesn't travel well over text. :P

  8. it must be the ash cloud or watev that is giving all you brits the coughs. i dont have a cough and the sky is clear and blue here.....just an idea lol! :D

    hai mares!

    *thats a first!* hahah its funny how we get all excited when we here from the mares outside of their blog! XD

  9. omigawd omigawd HELLOOOOOO Mares!!! *hyperventilating*