Friday, 2 April 2010

You Vindictive Little Fuckers

Kelle got banned so Random posted a thread to let everyone know.

EA deleted it.

RepulsiveDesire posted a thread asking why it was deleted.

EA deleted it.

I posted this:

EA deleted it, and sent me this little ditty:

Am I missing something here, isn't it supposed to say in the email just exactly what rule I broke?

-I wasn't off-topic
-I wasn't abusive
-I didn't do anything wrong

Something is deeply rotten in the state of

I'll be chilling on my blogs for the next few days, I suggest you boycott and join me.


Have submitted my 'feedback' to them, lets see what happens...

'Account name: FuryRed

I just got an email telling me I was banned, and yet it doesn't say what terms of service I violated.
This is what I was banned for:

"Kelle has been banned, Randomspirit made a thread to let everyone know, EA deleted it.

Just so you know liek.

I'm looking forward to Sims 3 Ambitions la la la, are you? gots to cover all bases"

Please explain to me exactly what rule I broke. I wasn't off-topic or abusive, that much is obvious.

I'd really appreciate a response in this matter, because as far as I can tell this ban is completely unjustified.

This is not going to go away.'

Oh, and for now I can still post on the forums. Nah nah nah.


Have received a reply from some EA dude, just asking for more information for now.
Look what was on the bottom of the email:

Christ on a bike.


  1. THATS what they banned you for?! Little shits >:[ Thats all i gotta say on the subject. I may regret it, if i open my big fat mouth anymore >_>

  2. sigh, I guess I'm going to have to revive the banhammer protest.. :D

  3. Hm...I already disliked EA for the culling, their stupid rules, and the fact that they blame any issues I have on my graphics card. Now I'm seriously wondering what I can do to drive them crazy without getting banned myself...

  4. Effin sucks Fury! I've been staying farther and farther away from the forums lately and spending more time on the awesome blogs (like yours and random's, vidkid's) because EA has everyone running scared and nothing is ever going on anymore over there! :(

  5. Mm, methinks as soon as I get unbanned I wont even go on the forums- I just want to be able to continue my legacy and shit.

    Ir's annoying though, I like being on the forums- I like helping people- but what's the point if the slightest foot wrong causes a ban? It's just not worth it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if everyone ends up on blogs soon, it's so much friendlier and safer : )

  6. Fury, when I was banned I sent them a long letter demanding DIRECT PROOF that what I had done was a violation. I was really pissed b/c I didn't do anything wrong, but I was also banned from ALL EA servers, so I couldn't play my fucking Xbox 360 Dragon Age game without unplugging my modem (it automatically logs on to the EA server, and it wouldn't allow me to play AT ALL b/c of the ban. FUCKING R I D I C U L O U S). I told them that I wanted a direct link to the actual passage in the TOS that CLEARLY spelled out how what I did constituted a ban.

    Of course they couldn't fucking come up with anything because it didn't exist, and the motherfuckers apologized and blamed it on an "overreaction". Even if you don't care about being on the Forum as much, it's the principal of the matter -- you were wronged and they need to admit and correct it. Period.

  7. My god. This ban hammer is getting F'ing ridiculous! That site'll be empty soon, the forums like a ghost town, tumbleweeds scattering everywere. They don't seem to ban the trolls, the buggers who deserve it. Gosh.

  8. I'm still harassing them with emails Cele : p

    I don't care if they only get back to me after my ban is over, I still want them to admit that they were wrong, and I'm going to be on their ass every hour of every day until they admit fault.


    What did they try to ban you for anyways? Said something clever they didn't like I imagine...