Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Dear Readers

I have a bad habit...

It started a few months ago after the Mares did that article on Netherlia's 'death'. Y'see, just using the limited information Netherlia had provided about himself on the TS3 website they were able to find out allllll sorts of things, mainly cause he'd spread himself about teh interwebz like a big rash.

Following that I did a little searching myself using my username, first name, and the town I'm from just to see what you could find out. Luckily for me there wasn't much out there, so I don't have to worry about peoples thieving my identity, but still- it did turn up some interesting things, and this lead me to my filthy addiction...

Ego searching.

If you type my username into the search box on the TS3 website a whole mess of stuff comes up. There's a lot of nice people out there who mention me on their pages, there's a few people who've reuploaded my Simself, which I don't know if I should be annoyed about or not considering they're pretty much crediting me, and then today I came across this...

Boy would I love to know what this means. It's a little scary... that's Super FuryRed there just with bad hair and different clothes, but... what is it? There's two stories like this- I think it's a serial.

Weird, no?


  1. LOL Cool Fury! Like I mentioned a few posts back, you're a top celeb in this community, and you've just morphed to the next level, completely different territory than peons like the rest of us. It's a little creepy if you don't like that sort of attention, but it's also a testament to what a powerhouse you are around here. We are not worthy!!! XD

    (I don't know if you saw that other post of mine -- I commented on your blog post about the free Store stuff)

  2. I download Super Furyred version 2 but she came with different clothes and hair. Even weirder since I just put her in my town, she married my dad's simself. It's kinda awkward whenever I see them :O

  3. Hey! New reader just stumbled across your stories and looked at your blog and happened to see this. You can use google translate to translate it and see what it means. I translated it and it seems to be a story..I don't know, but I cant really understand because google didn't translate so well. Anyway, yeah, it's pretty creepy. I don't know if it was google's translaton but one slide said "And I decided to use your own bathtub." Just letting you know!

  4. I've actually translated it:

    The Diary of Laura FuryRed odc.1
    Page 1: L: I felt ill after dinner, so I called the doctor to visit the hospital. The visit was supposed to be today at 18:30.

    Page 2: L: So I decided to relax in your own bathtub.

    Page 3: To be continued ...

    Description: This "Diary of Laura FuryRed. Sorry that I did not so long this episode.


  5. O_O O.......k

    Well thanks for the translation guise! I wasn't sure how to translate it myself cause I didn't even know what the language was : p

    Haiiiii Celery (you can blame Kelle for me calling you that >_<) Lol, meh a celebrity. I don't think I'm quite A List yet. If you type Aoxa's name into the search you get nearly a hundred results! I gots some way to go.

  6. Bloody hell... That story's mega crap, I wonder who did it. And why?!

    And I completely agree with Cel. We are not worthy!

  7. Fury, not you too! I could just take Kelle and...grrrr!!!! lol

  8. Btw, FuryRed brings up 207,000 results on Google.

  9. Ego searching. =_= That's a good way of putting it for a while I was addicted too but then well I just kinda forgot about it now you've rekindled the desire must resist...

    --Ooooh I wonder what I'd find on bing ehehehe.

    Love your blog btw been reading for a while this is my first time postin' though.

  10. Heyyyy it's Clairezy of The Rotten Legacy ^_^

    Hai! *waves*

  11. HI! *waves back* yup that's lil ol' me of the Rottens. =D

  12. YES! I have no stalkers! Break out the glowstix!

  13. haha, i tried it xD
    if you type my name into google - it comes up with a spanish dating website. O_o

  14. jesus, my compatriots are weird

  15. It's Polish, here is my translation:
    I felt ill after dinner, so I called the doctor to visit the hospital. The visit was supposed to be today at 18:30. 15:20 CET Wed

    L: So I decided to relax in your own bathtub.

    To be continued ...