Friday, 16 April 2010

Life on Mars. Ha! I'm Funny.

No real reason for this picture, only that I thought it was very pretty and I'd never be able to post it on the TS3 site without the banhammers swinging at ma fez.

Anyways, the new Mars Legacy chapter is out now- read it here on or here on the blog.

Now I don't mind saying, but this chapter has been a real pain in my arse to put out. I've been at work a lot more recently and consequently haven't had much free time, so I've been stressing a bit trying to get it sorted. I knew it was getting really bad when I contemplated passing on going out for a nice curry with my friends in favour of getting the chapter written up. For shame! I relented anyways, and got a bit pished which is always nice.

Anywayssssssss, enjoy the chapter dudes : )


  1. Aaawwww, Fury's being a bad influence on us impresionable kids again! =-D

  2. lol naughty furyred but i reckon living in the time we do most kids over 7 have heard and understand what some of the main swear words and stuff r

    well this was random