Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Unleash the Fury

Am unbanned, whoopy-fucking-do.

Have been emailing EA customer service on a fairly regular annoying basis; all lines of communication are dead and stale. But just because I'm no longer suspended doesn't mean I'm going to stop harassing- not until they admit my ban was completely unwarranted.

Anyways. In other news the Mares have made me a new t-shirt, which is very nice indeedy- will try that out soon. I'm intrigued by the premise they said they were thinking of though- a 007 spoof Fury tee using the above pic (though hopefully retro silleh Bond rather than shit Daniel Craig pouty newness). Anyways, they mentioned it wouldn't work cause Sim Fury's clothes blend into the dark background, but I may be able to assist with that.

Y'see, ever since I changed my Sims skin to Peggy's I've been hating my banner a little bit. The new look of my Sims has made me realise just how much shading there was round the nose when using kanno's face skin, and I'm thinking all my olde Sims look like they've had a nose job done with a rusty chainsaw.
So because of that I plan to redo my banner and other pics soon; maybe that'll give the Mares something to work with, if they so wish : )

P.s.- Have realised just how much swearing there has been in the last few posts... What can I say? I get very fucking sweary when I'm angry >_<


  1. PFFFT! I coulda outlined it. ;D
    Actually, it would have been really easy to extract. Anywayz. I'm excited to see what you come up with for a new banner.

  2. Don't be too excited- it'll probably be just the same style as the current one, just tarted up a bit : p

  3. lol, we'll just have to wait and see!!

  4. Lookin' forward to seeing your new banner, and I swear a lot too. =-D I don't mind it!

  5. Even if your new banner looks similar to the old one, it'll still be great because you never do anything half-way; it always turns out fabulous! ;D

    Lol, I had to re-spell anything 5 times before I got it right!