Friday, 9 April 2010

Pimp My Blog

Have re-done my banner XD


I've also remade my FuryRed Sims logo thingy, but I dunno if I'll be able to use it. Y'see, I need it to have an all-black background but that requires some editation and, well, I sucks ^_^

Ho well!


  1. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it.

  2. I lurvs it too! I am also loving the skins now that I see the difference. I may have to have this peggy skin for my very own...:D

  3. Yeah do that! Lol I somewhat heart Peggy's skin now :p

    Lady Frontbum has a nice looking skin too, though I haven't tried it out yet :)

  4. Oh, well don't we look smexy in our new banner =P
    Lovin the banner and logo, Red *thumbsup* =D

    PS - Lady Frontbum's skin is awesome! but it makes your sims faces, look nothing like what they're meant to xD Lol! Still very realistic and cool, though!

  5. Oh and did somebody order some editation???

  6. Wow! Looks really good! How do you get the custom background for the blog? Because I can't find it anywhere ^.^

  7. I like it. Though it would probably be easier for you to just make the background transparent instead of black. So that way if you decide to change your colors, you won't have to change the image. But that's just my recommendation.

    The banner and the logo look great. I especially LOVE the banner. She looks so seductive and the eyes are just perfect in the composition. :]

  8. The new banner is really awesome. The old one was cute, but this one is hawt!

    I really love Peggy's skin too. I used kanno's for a long time, but I can never go back. I haven't found anything I like as well as Peggy's.

  9. Wheee thanks Random XD

    Aye the new banner is a bit sexified isn't it? And Sim Fury's eyes follow me wherever I go...

    @Twirlie: Do you mean the patterns and things on the sofa and wallpaper or the decorative bits that are stuck on?

  10. Lovin' the new banner Fury! :D The skin change is pretty obvious...I switched mine to Peggy's last month and love how much more realistic (and yummy) my guy Sims look. Anywho, great job on your banner!

  11. @FuryRed: I mean like the blog background. How it's hearts? Like how did you get that?

  12. Ahhh right. Well I'll just copy/paste what Randomspirit said:

    'Buuuuuut, if you have some free time to fiddle about with your blog =P I suggest this:
    I know it looks the same as the normal dashboard, but it isn't! Just click on "Layout" and then on "Template Designer"'

    : )

  13. Holy crap in an effing wheat bread pita -- that new banner is STUNNING!!! I don't know how in the hell you got that pose, but it's cool as crap. I feel like I'm talking to a celeb here -- it's 5-star awesome and 3 thumbs up!!! ( I the only one with 3 thumbs...? oh.)

    The whole blog is spectacular -- very organized and easy to read & navigate, but also sexy and fun. You put the whoop on this place, Fury, and it shows!

    *slinks back to own dark, funny-looking lonely little blog...*

  14. your new banner is sexy lol! i like it XD


  15. love the new banner xD i edited your ' logo thingy ' since you wanted it black, but after i finished i noticed you've already been sent one :B do you have an email so i can send it anyways ? ;]