Saturday, 3 April 2010

Oh Doctor, Oh Dear

The current status on my ban is thus:
Not one to just roll over and take it (outside the bedroom) I've been emailing EA demanding they explicitly tell me what rule I broke. They responded to say that they couldn't reply from the email address I contacted, which is total BS cause they sent me a message a few minutes later.
Anyways, that message said the issue is currently being investigated and I am advised to be patient.
Like balls I am.

But what's a girl to do whilst waiting for EA to get their thumb out of their arses and answer me? Luckily I have great friends to keep me amused, and today I spent time with my good pals Mr Jay and The Todd.

I had a jolly naice day, making brownies and generally fannying about, but the main focus of the meeting was the telly schedules tonight.

As I'm sure you know by now I'm an avid Doctor Who fan, and you may also know that the first episode of the new series was on today. Wheeee! As the boys are also Who fans we spent our time eagerly awaiting the new Doctor's arrival.

But the attention span of Fury and the boys is somewhat limited at best and, in browsing the internet to find info on the new series, we stumbled across some pictures and, well, the following happened.

I warn you, what you're about to see isn't big or clever, in fact it's downright stupid...

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm twenty-one years old...

Oh, and I think the new Doctor is completely awesome, but whether he is to replace the tenth Doctor in my affections (and in my story) remains to be seen.
Definitely will make a Sim of him though ; )


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  2. Do you happen to know how long new episodes are available on the BBC's website? I'm currently trying to get caught up to the newest series. I only recently got interested in watching Doctor Who(thanks to you!) and I'm not even finished with the third series yet. So obviously I have a lot of a stuff yet to get to before I'm ready for all this newness.

    Sorry for the removed comment. There were errors and I couldn't stand to leave it there mocking me.

  3. You act a lot like me. I'm still 14, so I've got a excuse, sorry!

  4. Haha pentameter- the lack of editation is maddening isn't it? : p

    Generally I believe episodes should be up for about a month, though I have seen them only be up a week before. If you do find yourself missing the Who is a good place to watch all the series.

    Ooh, and watch Torchwood when you're done with the Doctor. It's brilliant (and at times better than DW).

    ; )

  5. Thanks for the info and the link.

    My boyfriend actually wants to watch Torchwood. So far we've only seen the first episode. I'm interested to see more, but it's pretty much a time issue for now.

    We just recently got Netflix and it gives us access to all sorts of BBC shows we never knew existed (sheltered Americans) so there is a long list of shows we're in need of watching.

  6. We sadly lack in our ability to view all of the British goodies as Americans don't we. I watch Top Gear with my hubby (and between us I actually love it because they are so retarded) but we mostly only get old britcoms like Keeping Up Appearances and such.

    I may have to look into this Torchwood that I've heard a lot of folks talk about recently...

  7. Torchwood is like Doctor Who, but the x-rated version ;) Tis awesome, Lol! Gotta love Cap'n Jack.

    I refused to look at these photos until i'd watched the new episode =P but Red, seriously? xD Haha! Sometimes i honestly wonder about your mental age =P <3

  8. Whaaaa? I was only responsible for, erm, two of the pictures...

  9. Which two? I bet it's the one where that girl pissed herself.

  10. Nope, that was my friend's handywork.

  11. :( I HATE THE NEW DOCTOR! HE CAN *underline if i could* NEVER REPLACE DAVID TENNANT! HE IS NOT CUTE ENOUGH. U-G-L-Y. >:( Anyways... i havn't seen it yet and my mam has recorded it so... was it good? Mam said he tries to ACT like David too! D:< Try to act different you ******* Sorry, rest of comment is currently unavaivable. *******

    -Crazy from chatbox How to install Custom Content.