Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tee Hee Hee

Holy jamalama Doctor, new t-shirts at The Mare's Nest! Wheeeeeee!

Don't you just love 'em? It's the Spider, the fucking Spider! You all remember that TV show right? I does.

As well as the Spider tee there's also a loverly new FuryRed Says hoodie, so your Sims can be fashionable and cosy. Pretty neat yush?

Gratuitous snogging shot to express love for the clothing >_<

You can download the Spider tee here and the FuryRed hoodie here.

Also, check oot the gorgeous new hair Sim Fury is sporting. It's not a permanent addition- my RL hair isn't that short- but I just wanted to share. It's actually by Peggy yanno, and I'm sure you'll be as shocked as I was to see no sign of mad fringes, layers, or sticky-up bits anywhere. Regardless, when it was posted on MS3B still the usual shower of moany bastards decided to comment saying it was crapola. You just can't please some people eh?

In other news, just wanted to offer some congrats to the Mares on their snazzy viewing figures:

Good stuffs XD

As well as posting some new clothing, the Mares also said that they plan to do more non-Sims themed threads. May I make a teeny suggestion? Pokemanz! You know it makes sense. Mebbe a cute little Raichu tee? ^_^

My Sims would look so pimp in a Pokemon tee, and you knows it.

My Pokemon brings all the boys to the yard
And they're like, 'you wanna trade cards?'
Damn right I wanna trade cards
I could beat you, I've got Charizard.


  1. O_O *facepalm* Nice tees though =P

  2. Whut you facepalming about eh? Keep your palm away from the face or shall slap yous with it >_<

    Loves you bitch x

  3. I love the FuryRed Says hoodie. I remeber that Spider TV show all to well... *shrudders* I always used to scream. when it came on.

    I didn't know you liked Pokemon, but I'm glad you do. =-D I know where you can get Pokemon Custom Content too!

  4. Teh facepalm was for that Godforsaken poem, that used to haunt me in middle school >_< and now you're gonna start the whole "why you hittin' yourself?" thing?! Why do you torment me, Red xD

    Loves you too bitch =P

  5. Wait,do you two actually know each other in RL?

  6. Few more verses and we can make that poem into a song!!! Just for you, eh Random?!

  7. Nuuuuuuh! No more verses >_< Lol!
    and nah, we don't know eachother in RL - but i like that you thought we did ;) means we're doing our jobs right, Haha!


    My Poke'mon make the lads come along,
    Then I start singin' my song,
    Those gits got it all wrong,
    I've got Pikachu to sing along.

    (Best I could do off the top of my head)

  9. Asuming you're talking to me, thanks.

  10. OMG!! Amazing!! Where are you guys releasing your EP? lol
    Congrats on the hoodie -- MUST download that XD